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Brilliant stuff I use it regularly...even in my own home sf19 on the outside of the roof rafters and sf40 on the inside...

Sean Doran - Installer

The order was for some Superfoil 19+, which was a pleasure to install, we'll be using it again.

Chris Seed - Home Designer

We added an extension to the house, insulated with SuperFOIL. It is now the warmest room in the house!

Joan Fawkes - Home Owner

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Complies with all relevant UK building regulations

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All SuperFOIL multifoil  Insulation products are independently tested to comply with relevant UK building regulations for use as part of construction and European regulations such as CE. These assessments are carried out by notified bodies and 3rd party certified laboratories.

Thermal performance is confirmed by testing to BS EN ISO 12667, ISO 8301 by BBA ( British Board of Agrément), who are a UKAS certified body and are an internationally accredited laboratory. Furthermore, we have a range of other accreditation’s to comply with UK, EU & CE regulations to provide added confidence and accelerate your building application process from highly respected bodies such as BBA, LABC, DIBT & ZAG.

SuperFOIL can be used in many different situations to meet or exceed the requirements of Building Regulations for virtually any project, we can also provide U-value calculations (free of charge) for elemental or SAP assessment methods.

Specific approved thermal test methods are required to comply with BR443 in Part ‘L’ of Building Regulations. On top of this performance, SuperFOIL also helps by reducing air moment (to reduce heat loss through convection currents) and radiant barrier properties (to reduce heat transfer through radiation /solar gain) helping to keep your home warmer in winter & cooler in summer.

BBA Agrément Certificate For Use In Roofs & Walls

LABC Registered Detail Assured

Approved By NHBC Standard & Warranties

U Value