SuperFOIL Floor Application


Whether you are insulating a solid floor or a suspended timber floor, SuperFOIL’s high-quality floor insulation solutions are designed to meet and exceed the thermal requirements without compromising the unique design, structural integrity, or space of your floors.


High Performance Floor Insulation Will
Reduce Your Energy Bills

Neglecting to insulate floors situated above unheated spaces can result in significant heat loss. Investing in an effective floor insulation system becomes a top priority, as it enhances your property’s energy efficiency and reduces energy bills for an extended period. Whether you have solid or suspended timber floors, insulating them with the right material is equally essential for achieving the best results. SuperFOIL’s premium floor insulation solution minimises cold floors, temperature fluctuations, water ingress, and condensation by insulating the floors to the highest standards.


SuperFOIL is designed to the highest quality and performance standards, utilising the most innovative technology. It’s easy to install, sustainable, and suitable for all building types. SuperFOIL can assist you in meeting necessary building regulation standards while significantly improving the thermal efficiency of your property. Reach out to our industry-leading experts today to discover how SuperFOIL can benefit you.

Solid Floor

Insulating solid floors is crucial for preventing significant heat loss and regulating indoor temperatures. Traditional insulation types in solid floors often result in a loss of valuable space due to limitations in floor depths, and adding an extra vapour-proof membrane makes it even harder. If the insulation is not vapour-resistant, warm and moist vapour can significantly diminish the insulating properties of the material, posing potential issues and further harm to the property itself in the long term.


We offer SuperFOIL SFUF, our premium underfloor solution with higher vapour resistance and thermal insulation properties, making it the ideal insulation choice for your solid floor build-up. With SuperFOIL, you save space, enhance thermal performance, and reduce energy requirements whether it’s for internal or external applications, for retrofit, extension, and new build projects.


Suspended Timber Frame Floor

Suspended timber floors are commonly found in older houses, consisting of timber floorboards attached to joists just above a property’s foundations. These floors can be a significant source of heat loss, especially when there are gaps between floorboards creating draughts. It is highly recommended to insulate suspended timber floors due to their susceptibility to absorbing draught and moisture. Insulating and draught-proofing these floors can significantly enhance comfort and reduce energy bills.


Suspended timber floors can only hold less weight compared to solid floors, which means, not every insulation type is suitable for such floor types. Best practice for these floor types is to insulate using the highly vapour-resistant SuperFOIL SFUF to reduce air movement and effectively minimise draughts. Proper installation of SFUF is crucial to minimise the chance of condensation forming, which could cause damage to the timber.


Why Choose SuperFOIL?

With over 26 years of industry experience, our experts help homeowners, architects, designers, DIYers, and builders find the best solutions for their projects. Our products are suitable for all building types and applications, ensuring you don’t compromise on your design or space availability. We’ve worked with a wide range of projects, from commercial buildings to campervan conversions; we’ve done it all.


All SuperFOIL products undergo independent testing by notified bodies and third-party certified laboratories to comply with relevant UK building regulations for use in construction and European regulations such as CE/UKCA, ensuring safety and quality standards.


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