Learn more about SuperFOIL’s history and our milestones.

Our History

SuperFOIL, a family business established in 1997 under Boulder Developments Ltd. began with a great vision: to find a better way to insulate. We realised that conventional solutions no longer met the demands of modern construction. Thus, after years of dedicated research and innovation, we developed SuperFOIL.

The Beginning 1997

After selling our healthcare business in the early 1990s, Craig and Alison Bown, established our parent company, Boulder Developments Ltd, in 1997. Before SuperFOIL, we ventured into various businesses, from environmental ground testing to providing audio services for venues like the Millennium Dome. We even owned a professional basketball team, the Birmingham Bullets. During our travels with the Bullets, we forged valuable connections, especially in America and China. This included a clothing export business that produced the team’s basketball kits, showcasing a particular skill in stitching.

The Inspiration 2005

The idea to form an insulation company was born when Craig decided to buy a farm as a self-build renovation project. While at it, he recognised that traditional insulation no longer met the modern-day construction and design requirements. In response, after years of dedicated research and innovation, the father-son duo— Craig and William, founded SuperFOIL. Since its inception, our core values of innovation, quality, and performance have remained at the heart of our business.

Expanding Horizons 2007

From its humble beginnings in a home office, SuperFOIL has experienced substantial growth, expanding its team and outgrowing multiple homes. As the business continued to grow and required additional space for stock and employees, the team relocated to a larger facility at Tuxford. This marked the business’s first proper headquarters, complete with a signed five-year lease. However, after just two years, SuperFOIL outgrew the premises and decided to relocate to a five acre facility in Lincoln, which is where we are currently based.

A New Era 2017

Will Bown took over as Managing Director – with Craig still remaining very much involved in overseeing the business. From 8 employees to over 40, SuperFOIL has since grown, securing major deals with household name retailers, such as Aldi, Wickes, Wilko and Travis Perkins. With a rising popularity for DIY domestic insulation solutions,  SuperFOIL’s production recorded 350,000 square metres of insulation.

Visionary Present, 2023

Fast forward to the present day – with a dedicated team of over 67 professionals, SuperFOIL lead the UK market in reflective foil insulation. We produce over 1 million SQM of premium insulation products each year.
We have also launched our latest initiative, the Approved Installer Programme.


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