Why Multi foil Makes the Best Insulation

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Why is Insulation Important During the Summer Months?

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When is insulation required?

When it’s winter and you really want to keep the chilly weather at bay by keeping your home warm and cozy but your home never seems to get just hot enough for you?

How Multi Foil Insulation Improves Your Home's Safety as Well as Energy Efficiency

How Multi Foil Insulation Improves Your Home’s Safety as Well as Energy Efficiency

Here in the UK, we have to contend with cold weather almost daily, especially now that we’re well into autumn with winter on our doorstep. Soon enough, we’ll be powering the heating continuously to remain comfortable indoors, which…

New Energy Efficiency Rules – Why Landlords Need to Prepare

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5 Signs of a Badly Insulated Home

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SuperFOL Insulation Zulassung

SuperFOIL Achieves German National Approval

SuperFOIL conquer the ‘Best of the Best’ again.

SuperFOIL with typical British modesty and pride, are delighted to announce that following many months of assessment they have been awarded by the German Building Regulations Authority, DIBt, a ‘Zulassung’ or in English, a ‘National Technical Approval’.