We work hard to cut waste, reduce emissions and improve efficiency while helping our customers do the same.

  • Cut Waste
  • Reduce Emissions
  • Improve Efficiency
SuperFOIL Install - reducing waste

By fitting SuperFOIL Insulation to a property, you can reduce the amount of energy needed to keep it at a comfortable temperature, reducing your impact on the environment.

We’re also doing our bit to make us a more sustainable company and we’re committed to more sustainable endeavours in future.

Cutting And Laying Attic Insulation

Carbon negative workforce

Every person in the UK has an average carbon footprint of 8-9 tonnes each year, with carbon dioxide being produced for the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the miles they travel and the electricity they use.

To help us become a more green team, we’ve committed to more than offsetting all of that carbon dioxide for everyone in our workforce to make our team carbon negative. 

We do this through carbon offsetter, Ecologi - an organisation which plants trees and funds climate solution projects around the world. You can see how many trees we’ve planted and how many tonnes of CO₂ we’ve reduced through the scheme.

Zero waste to landfill and recycling

Plastic pollution is a major problem, so we’ve increased the amount of plastic that’s recycled in our products.

Now, our products contain an average of 45% recycled materials. The wadding we use in our multifoil insulation range is made up of 75% recycled plastic, meaning we’re recycling the equivalent of six one-litre bottles every square metre of wadding.

For our higher specification products such as SF19+ and SF19BB, these equate to roughly 30 plastic bottles being recycled for every square metre of insulation. 

We have also managed to completely cut our own waste to absolutely ZERO! Any general waste that we produce is taken for more thorough separation and recycling. From this, any waste that cannot be recycled is used to generate and export electricity to the grid. 

Reducing transportation

In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we have invested over half a million pounds throughout 2022 to make more of our high-performance insulation here in the UK - slashing our transportation carbon emissions. 

We’ve also switched to more UK-based materials suppliers and we’re now able to compress our insulation to enable more products to fit into a smaller space, cutting the number of vehicle deliveries or containers needed to transport our insulation. Of course, SuperFOIL is already more space-efficient than other products because it’s flexible and more high-performing so fewer vehicle miles are needed to transport it.

On top of all this, our fleet is almost now all-electric. Currently all but one of our trucks are electric powered and everyone in our sales team drives an electric car. This means that we have swapped approximately 13 vehicles from petrol or diesel to fully electric, which we’re proud of. 

Product packaging

We’ve recently revamped our product packaging to replace plastics with more sustainable and recyclable paper and cardboard.

We’re also looking to reduce the amount of packaging all-round as much as possible

For most of our products, we’re proud to say that we have now switched to only using fully recyclable materials, meaning much less waste.

We’ve even modified our sample packs - they now are enclosed using the SuperFOIL product itself, meaning that the ‘packaging’ is actually part of the sample to save waste and better show-off our foil insulation.

Don’t forget, our products themselves are specifically designed in order to save our customers as much money as possible by being more energy efficient. This then enables them to be more environmentally friendly and reduce their carbon footprint too, as they’re using less heating to keep their homes warm.