We work hard to cut waste, reduce emissions and improve efficiency while helping our customers do the same.

Leading the way to Net Zero 2050

SuperFOIL is a carbon-neutral business on its journey towards Net Zero. We create each product with utmost care, and our experts ensure that each one aligns with our future targets to reduce waste and emissions before reaching you. We are committed to making a positive impact on the environment and in people’s lives. Everyone at SuperFOIL is accountable for leading the change. When you choose SuperFOIL, we ensure that you are part of a green future, and your homes are sustainable today and tomorrow.

solar panel at SuperFOIL Insulation

Inspiring Initiatives For a Sustainable Future

Keeping sustainability at the core of what we do, we have made incredible efforts to cut down waste and emissions in the last 15 months. We are pleased to share a list of our top initiatives from 2022 to the present on our journey to becoming a zero carbon business.

Net-Zero Tool Kit

As a measure to stay closer to our company sustainability goals, we have officially invested in a “Net Zero” development/strategy, using the ‘Net Zero Toolkit’, supported by ‘Make UK’.

Product Design

Our superpower is delivering high-performance and quality products while prioritising environmental sustainability. With innovation at heart and responsibility in hand, we develop a line of foil insulation products using up to 40% recycled materials.

Zero Waste to Landfill

By implementing a strict Zero-waste to landfill initiative, SuperFOIL focuses on maximising resource efficiency and minimising the amount of waste sent to landfill. To ensure expected results and future progress, we have set up points across the site to separate all waste, monitor waste creation and reduce excess packaging.

Electric Fleet

We have introduced an electric fleet consisting of twelve vehicles, including ‘electric forklifts,’ ‘pallet stackers,’ ‘powered pump trucks,’ and electric cars. This strategic integration aligns with our core values, as we recognize the role cleaner technologies play in shaping a green future.


By developing specific equipments, we have optimised the amount of insulation material that can be packed on each pallet. This significantly reduced our transportation related emission by shipping six times more insulation per truck compared to traditional materials.

Solar Panels

One of our proudest initiatives this year is the installation of a 50+ KW Solar PV system. Our annual yield forecast is projected at 55.4 kWp, with an estimated CO2 reduction of 11,401 kg/year, enabling us to support our in-house production with renewable energy.

Local Partners and On-shoring

As a strategic response to the growing demand for our products, we are focusing on more and more on-shore production activities. By collaborating with more local suppliers, service and delivery partners, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint associated with product procurement and foster a circular economy.


Quick Facts

A truck with SuperFOIL products

1 truck of SuperFOIL will insulate the same number of homes as 6 trucks of PIR.

SuperFOIL SF40 is equivalent to 500 plastic bottles

Just one roll of SuperFOIL SF40 contains recycled content equivalent to over 500 plastic bottles. 

SuperFOIL modern bubble foil equipment

In the last 12 months SuperFOIL have used the equivalent of approx 80 million recycled bottles in our products.

Partner of Ecologi

We partnered with the environmental organisation ‘Ecologi’ to plant over 8,560 trees to date, saving 83 tonnes of carbon and contributing to 25 different projects.

SuperFOIL helped offset 100 tonnes of carbon

100 tonnes of CO2e avoided

SuperFOIL - 1 year of climate action

1 year of climate action

SuperFOIL funded the planting of 5000 trees

5,000 trees funded


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