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Roof insulation is the main insulation that people think about when it comes to improving their home. And with a whopping 25% of your energy loss being lost through the roof, it’s easy to see why. Installing SuperFOIL insulation in your roof is a easy way of keeping your home a comfortable temperature, whilst reducing your carbon footprint and your energy bills.

Suitable for retrofit applications to new builds for both pitched and flat roofs. The application pages will give you details for installing your new insulation, whatever your build type.

Installation is quick and easy using a continuous install method, which also helps to avoid thermal bridging issues.
Our applications pages will go through all the necessary details such as eaves, roof windows, hips, ridges and other typical roof details.


Wall insulation is an important factor to consider when building or renovating your home. Installing SuperFOIL insulation in your walls is a cost-effective way to keep your home comfortable and reduce your heating and cooling costs. In addition to reducing your energy bills, SuperFOIL’s high thermal performance and water vapour resistance can also help to reduce the risk of condensation in the home.

SuperFOIL insulation is suitable for solid walls and timber frame installation, both internal and external. Our application page gives you all the details you need for ensuring the correct installation of your chosen products.

From installation, tools required to what size staples are required. Our comprehensive application pages will ensure you are installing your insulation in the best method possible.

Timber Frame


installation of insulation on wet underfloor heating

It can be easy to forget how important insulating your floor is. That is, until winter sets in and you feel the cold rising from the ground. SuperFOIL is an ideal choice for floors, because in addition to having very high thermal resistance, it’s radiant properties also help reflect the heat back into your home where you need it.

SuperFOIL offers an easy to install, high performance solution for solid, flooring or suspended timber floors. Because it is designed to be installed as a continuous layer, SuperFOIL creates an airtight barrier against draughts, an important contribution to reducing your fuel bills and carbon emissions.

With insulation types to suit all flooring applications, our installation pages will ensure you get the correct information whatever type of floor you are insulating.


Our FREE guide gives you all the information on saving time and money when insulating your home, and how to really make a difference to the comfort of your rooms.

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SuperFOIL Insulation Guide