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SuperFOIL Sample Pack
  • Standard Multifoil (SF19+ / SF40)
  • Breathable Multifoil (SF19BB / SF40BB)
  • Underfloor (SFUF)
  • Reflective Membrane (SFTV)
  • Bubble Foil (SFBA)
  • Information Brochure
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5 Benefits of Choosing SuperFOIL

Not All Foils Are Created Equal…


Personalised Solutions

Get personalised solutions designed specifically for your project. Our experts never reuse calculations because your project is unique, and your calculations should be too!


Receive Expert Advice

Our technical experts are highly trained, and are capable of handling even the most difficult questions. When you choose SuperFOIL, you receive accurate and reliable information every single time.


Completely Free

Our services are completely free of charge and without any obligation to purchase. Whether you need a single U-value calculation or a hundred, you can feel confident that you will not be forced into a sales pitch. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Ongoing Support

We are here to support you at all stages, whether you are in the planning stage or in the installation phase. Architects, builders, or DIY enthusiasts, our team is happy to answer any questions and guide you toward success.


We Go The Extra Mile

We understand the concern about condensation risks during insulation installation. That’s why we provide a condensation risk analysis along with your U-value calculations, ensuring complete peace of mind.


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Amazon review for SuperFOIL products

Easy to use, cut to size without any waste once measured carefully. Something I've thought of doing for many years but, never got round to it. Intend to sit back and hope it preformed as promised, I'm sure it will since the product is hailed by the experts on energy performance and importantly enough for seven radiators. Definitely recommend. Thank you..


Product: Radpack

Google review for SuperFOIL Insulation

Superfoil products radically simplified achieving the required insulation ratings for our renovation / extension project. I was very keen to maximise internal space in both the dormer spaces and a very large flat roof avoiding tall external build up. The technical team provided detailed options and then were more than happy to iterate these to refine the final solution. I ended up using a hybrid solution of SF40BB and SF40 along with Vapour barrier and mineral wool. I would recommend speaking to the tech team – they certainly allowed me to get the outcome I wanted.

Jake Markham

Product: SF40BB, SF40

Google review for SuperFOIL Insulation

Can’t recommend these guys enough. Spot on customer service always happy to help to get you the right product and information. And the products are brilliant. Thank you for all your help.

Neil Murphy

Customer Service Review

Google review for SuperFOIL Insulation

This company is very thorough in it's efforts to be of assistance. Always ready with ( Good ) technical advice with respect to questions about each insulation product but also importantly will assist on the users application of the product, and any queries regarding suitability and installation. With SuperFoil guidance your project should end up being a success

Nova Scot

Customer Service Review

Amazon review for SuperFOIL products

Very pleased with this kit and within about 2hrs it was installed. The insulation most closely resembles bubble wrap however was much thinner and behaved more like cardboard. Very easy to cut with a pair of scissors and the supplied double sided tape is good quality. The 100mm wide tape is a bit fiddly as it is wider than scissors and tears easily however with a bit of patience it worked well. Installation – The insulation comes in 600mm wide rolls which is a bit smaller than I needed to do a full horizontal section, I decided to cut twelve small individual panels, plus two full width strips to finish with. I stuck the double sided tape all around the outside edge on each of my three horizontal areas, I also sprayed contact adhesive onto the metal door inside the tape frame. I then used four of the small panels on each area with around 10cm overlap. I finished by running double sided tape along the horizontal bars that were remaining and covering with the long strips of insulation. Finally, I taped between all of the sections to create one large airtight piece. The contact adhesive probably isn’t needed however at £6 for a spray can on Amazon I thought I may as well secure it properly. Final results are a noticeable reduction in outside noise and a lot more light in the garage for working on my bikes, hopefully it makes the garage easier to heat in winter and not allow the temperature to get too high in summer. We’ll see! Garage door opens and stays open with no obvious strain on the mechanism from the additional weight. Overall very pleased with the kit and a bargain imo.

Andy Man

Product: Garage Door Insulation


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