Our Values

Teamwork, learning, commitment, change and respect are the words we live by. They’re the qualities we strive to uphold and they determine what we do as a business

  • Teamwork
  • Learning
  • Respect
25 years of Boulder - Will & Craig Bown

What we stand for


At SuperFOIL, we’re a team. We’re a family business and we look after one another, uniting to deliver results for our customers and clients.

We support each other, working toward a shared goal so that we can achieve more, together.


Learning should never stop; we’re committed to helping all of our colleagues develop their skills and progress their careers.

We encourage everyone on our team to seize opportunities, engage with their own career development and learn new skills, with the full support of the company.


We’re committed to our clients, our colleagues and to our planet. We don’t cut corners and we don’t compromise on quality.

We work hard, every day to produce the outstanding products and services our clients expect and we do so while being the best employer we can be. We do our bit in protecting the environment and help everyone to be more energy efficient.


Change is a good thing - we seek out change, we embrace it and we seek it out again. We don’t just adapt to forces beyond our control, we stay ahead of the game and push for continuous improvement. Ideas are welcomed, creativity is encouraged and critical thinking is valued so we never take our eye off the ball.


We love diversity and we’re proud to have a team of people with different backgrounds, experiences, opinions and identities.

Everyone is valued and treated with respect, dignity and appreciation.

We’re proud to be a company with clear values. If you feel like our values align with your own, why not get in touch to join our team?

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