High Performance Foil Insulation

Maximise Performance
Minimise Costs

SuperFOIL will save you space,
time & money on your project.


Nominate a member of your team to become a SuperFOIL Insulation Champion

When you nominate a SuperFOIL Insulation Champion in branch they will receive full product training, prioritised technical support and access to local sales leads generated through our website and social media. By having a go-to person for all things insulation you can maximise your total insulation sales across the range, increase profits and set your branch apart from local competitors!

In addition to all these practical benefits, your Champion will also receive a goodie bag (including a branded hoodie, branded Ink Pens, Note pads and more!)

And now, the cherry on top!

Once your nominated SuperFOIL Champion is trained up to become an insulation selling machine, your branch will also receive an additional discount above the already highly competitive rates on all SuperFOIL stock orders! Allowing you to maximise profits as well as be hyper-competitive in the marketplace. Contact us for more details.


Not all multifoils are the same


We know choosing the correct insulation is an integral part of the long-term success and energy efficiency of your project.  For this reason, SuperFOIL has a team of highly trained experts who are there to help you.

From architects to first-time self-builders, our experienced team will work with you to ensure your project achieves the best possible results.

Send us your specifications and technical drawings and we will assess all available insulation choices and provide you with personalised recommendations that achieve your goals.

Once happy that the proposed solution meets the criteria for your project, we provide you with full calculations and certifications to support your building regulations application. If needed, we can even speak directly to building control on your behalf to ensure the project progresses smoothly.


Choose SuperFOIL to save you Time, Space & Money

SuperFOIL Will Save Your Customers
Space, Time & Money On Their Projects

Save Space


Increase the value of your property and make for a more comfortable living space with our space-saving method.

Our certified Multifoil insulation frees up space often lost by other types of insulation.

In addition, our range of insulation will provide superior performance at a fraction of the thickness!  By choosing our products, you are joining those who are already leading the way to the future of insulation. Our products provide high-tech, modern solutions to common issues such as thermal bridging.

Save Time


Everyone would agree that one of the biggest expenses of any building project is wasted time. Nobody wants to spend more money than needed, or even worse, lose time that could be spent enjoying your newly finished build.

On top of this, spending excessive time trying to get the perfect fit. Our products are simple and quick to install. They provide instant, outstanding results with none of the unnecessary cleaning up! By using SuperFOIL’s breathable multifoil insulation, you can reduce the time spent on installing insulation significantly.

Save Money


In building projects, even the smallest mistakes can lead to thousands of pounds worth of loss. With our high-performance, quality range of foil insulation, you can save money but still get a high-quality product.

The majority of our insulation range are 3-in-1, containing both insulation and vapour control - not only are you creating a well-insulated project, but also protecting the fabric of the build.  You can take comfort in the fact that our line of insulations has passed rigorous testing and is certified to meet national and European building regulations.


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Why Choose SuperFOIL?

Read for yourself what some of SuperFOIL’s satisfied
customers are saying about our insulation!


Brilliant stuff I use it regularly...even in my own home sf19 on the outside of the roof rafters and sf40 on the inside...

Sean Doran - Installer

The order was for some Superfoil 19+, which was a pleasure to install, we'll be using it again.

Chris Seed - Home Designer

We added an extension to the house, insulated with SuperFOIL. It is now the warmest room in the house!

Joan Fawkes - Home Owner