What You Need to Understand about Foil Insulation

When it comes to insulation, people have a lot of options at their disposal. Whether it’s fibre glass insulation, polystyrene insulation or foil insulation, there’s definitely a lot of aspects to consider. When considering foil insulation there are a few new things you should understand.

This is because most people are familiar with the traditional types of insulation such as glass wool or foam boards but foil insulation is a much newer and a more high-tech solution.  You can use foil insulation on its own or as a layer that can be used with the aforementioned types of insulation to increase overall efficiency.

So what is it exactly? Well, put simply, it’s a thin blanket that is made out of various layers of aluminium, thermo-foam and polypropylene that can be installed virtually anywhere traditional insulation can be. Its main purpose is to reflect heat, keeping your home cool in the summer & warm in the winter.

3 Things You Need to Think about before installing Foil Insulation

Before you can understand what benefits foil insulation has to offer, it’s important to know what aspects you have to keep in mind regarding the installation process:

  • The location – Foil insulation’s are best used as a continuous layer (as opposed to cut between rafters/studs). By doing this you avoid cold bridging of other non insulating materials such as wooden rafters and ensure you leave no gaps in your homes performance by avoiding specific fitting issues.
  • The sealing – If you plan on using this type of insulation as a house wrap, be sure to seal it with foil tape fully to achieve maximum performance. It will only cost a little, but ensuring you have a tight seal will result in a lack of draughts inside your home.
  • The clean up – Multi-foil insulation produces very little mess and practically no waste unlike foam board that produces an incredible amount of dust. Foil insulation also requires no special protective clothing or breathing equipment like glass wool.

Is foil insulation the solution for me?

Ultimately, this is what matters. Is going through all this effort and investing in insulation worth it? Well, ultimately, YES. This type of insulation has a lot of benefits to offer, and taking advantage of them will be one thing you won’t regret doing. If you are looking for a summary, here are the main things it has to offer:

  • Insulating your home may be a daunting task, but the installation process of foil insulation is quick & easy. This is because this type of insulation is very lightweight, so it is easy to work with. This also means the installation process is cost efficient.
  • Many insulation options or layers tend to lose their thermal performance over time because of compaction and moisture-related issues etc. However, this is not a concern with foil insulation, since its design will keep it efficient for years to come.
  • By keeping heat levels in check all year round, this type of insulation will lower your energy bills in the long run. So it ends up paying for itself as time goes by

Sf19 foil insulation roof install

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