What You Need to Understand about Foil Insulation

When it comes to insulation, nowadays there are lots of different options at your disposal. = Whether you’re looking for silver insulation, aluminium foil insulation, or reflective insulation – it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin, so many people just settle for the traditional types and all the mess and awkwardness of fitting that comes with them. However, gone are the days of having to settle, with all these choices at our fingertips, it’s about time we started making informed decisions and taking matters into our own hands.

Due to people being familiar with the more traditional insulation types such as PIR boards and mineral wool, the newer types of insulation (including methods such as foil wrap insulation or thermal foil insulation) often get overlooked, and this is a big mistake as they actually offer more bang for your buck in most cases!

So what is foil insulation and what do you need to know about it?

Multifoil Insulation – What is it?

Firstly, multifoil insulation isn’t just a layer of tin foil with some stuffing thrown in for good measure. Multifoil insulation is a high-tech solution made from many layers of aluminium, thermo-foam and polypropylene (wadding to you and me). Although made from many layers, the build-up of the multifoil remains slimline whilst still offering outstanding thermal insulation performance.

Multifoil insulation can be installed virtually anywhere from roofs, floors, walls, garden buildings, campervans & boats plus many more!

The main way multifoil insulation works is by reflecting heat and trapping air between the individual layers of insulation. By doing this it allows for a much higher thermal performance in less insulation. As well as that, due to its reflective insulation properties, multifoil insulation acts as a radiant barrier, which keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

3 Things You Need to Think About Before Choosing Your Foil Insulation

Before you can understand what benefits foil insulation has to offer, it’s important to know what aspects you have to keep in mind regarding the installation process:

The Location 

SuperFOIL insulation is designed to be installed in a continuous layer, rather than being cut to fit between rafters and studs. By installing in this method, not only are you making installation simpler for yourself, but you are also avoiding cold bridging issues and also eliminating gaps in your insulation which could lead to draughts and lack of performance from your insulation. Multifoil insulation is also a fully flexible product, meaning it is easier to use where you have curves/bends unlike more traditional types of insulation.

The Sealing

No, we haven’t spelt ceiling wrong. We are talking about ensuring your insulation is fully sealed once in place. By ensuring your insulation is sealed, you will be achieving maximum performance from your insulation. Sealing is easy to do with multifoil insulation, simply done by using foil tape over all joints, gaps and tears. It takes a little bit of time to do, but by completing this, you will notice a considerable difference in draughts in your home.

The Cleanup

Multifoil insulation produces very little mess, and practically no waste, unlike foam board which produces an extraordinary amount of both!  As well as this, it requires no special protective clothing or breathing equipment unlike other types of insulation. Containing no irritants, you can handle it without gloves, in shorts and bare chested if that’s what you fancy!

Is Multifoil Insulation the Solution for Me?

Ultimately this is what matters. Is  thermal insulation foil right for you? We’d like to say YES. Multifoil insulation has a lot of benefits over more traditional types of insulation, and taking advantage of these is something you definitely won’t regret doing.

If you are looking for a bit of quick reading, here is the summary of what foil insulation has to offer!

3 in 1 product – Offering you insulation, a radiant barrier and a vapour control layer or breathable membrane (depending on the product chosen).

Easy installation – the thought of insulating your home may be a daunting one, however, the installation of multifoil is very quick and simple. The insulation is also very lightweight so it is easy to handle, store and move about when needed.

No loss of thermal performance – You won’t have to be worrying about replacing your multifoil insulation anytime soon. Many traditional types of insulations tend to lose their thermal performance over time due to compaction, damage and moisture-related issues. However, with multifoil, this isn’t a concern. Its design will keep it working to the best of its abilities for years to come.

Lower energy bills – by keeping the heat levels in check all year round, rather than just in the winter, so you will see your energy bills reduce in the long run. So the insulation ends up paying for itself as time goes by.

Sustainable – The SuperFOIL products are made from up to 40 % recycled materials and have a lifespan of 50 + years!

Sf19 foil insulation roof install

[ Image Credits: www.foil-insulation.com ]

Interested in learning more about insulation?

Why not have a chat with our technical advisors about how multifoil insulation could be a suitable solution for you and your project. Take a browse through our product section – We have a wide range of products when it comes to insulation and you are sure to find something suitable for your needs.


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