• 3 IN 1 DESIGN

    Insulation, Vapour control layer & Radiant barrier

  • SuperFOIL can achieve any U-value

    Whether used on its own or in combination with other insulation types

  • Easy To Install

    No specialist tools required


    Made From 40% Recycled Materials


    Ideal for new build & retrofit. Roofs, Walls & Floors

  How our multifoil insulation will benefit you

SuperFOIL are a leading name within the insulation industry. We manufacture some of the highest performing products on the market, including the world’s highest-performing multifoil, SF60. Offering excellent value for money, our multifoil insulation is ideal for both new build or retrofit projects. It can be used anywhere in the home, including for wall insulation solutions, meaning you only have to buy one product to cover your roof, walls and floor!


Our multifoil insulation is a certified, 3 in 1 product. Not only will it provide a high performing insulation, but you also benefit from a much-needed vapour control layer and radiant barrier. What this means for you is that you protect your project from condensation and you can rest assured that your home will be the right temperature, whatever the season.

Roof Inner Insulation
Roof Insulation

All of our multifoils use the same modern technology meaning that you know you are buying a world-class, quality product. Certified by BBA and LABC, our products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the needs of all new building regulations. 


Our multifoils can be used as part of a 'DUET'  system, using SuperFOIL both internally and externally for the ultimate solution. They can also be used in a 'COMBI' installation, meaning that our products are compatible with other insulation types such as mineral wool or foam board.

Whichever installation type you choose, you can be sure that you will always meet your required values - whether you’re searching for floor insulation solutions or roof applications.


SuperFOIL is easy to install and requires no specialist tools for fitting. Due to its clever design, you will have minimal wastage, unlike more traditional types of insulation. Our full range is made from 40% recycled materials and is fully recyclable at the end of its 50+ year lifespan.  

SuperFOIL WILL save you space, time and money!

Save Yourself Time and Money by choosing the right insulation for the job!

Multi Foil Insulation


  • 1.90 R VALUE

    R Value of 1.90 When used in a roof

  • 30mm THICK

    1.2m Wide by 10m Long

SuperFOIL Insulation

SuperFOIL SF19+

  • 2.53 R VALUE

    R Value of 2.53 When used in a roof

  • 45mm THICK

    1.5m Wide by 10m Long

SuperFOIL SF40 Insulation

SuperFOIL SF40

  • 3.7 R VALUE

    R Value of 3.7 When used in a roof

  • 65mm THICK

    1.5m Wide by 10m Long

Technical Information

Core Performance0.99 R Value1.63 R Value2.57 R Value
Roof Performance1.90 R Value2.53 R Value3.47 R Value
Wall Performance2.32 R Value2.97 R Value3.91 R Value
Floor Performance3.64 R Value4.28 R Value5.22 R Value
Reaction To Fire (Euroclass)Class E (Behind Plasterboard)Class E (Behind Plasterboard)Class E (Behind Plasterboard)
Water Vapour Resistance1200MNs/g1200MNs/g1200MNs/g
Resistance To Water PenetrationW1W1W1
Tensile Properties (Length)238 / 227 N/50mm238 / 227 N/50mm238 / 227 N/50mm
Tensile Properties (Width)111 / 100 N/50mm111 / 100 N/50mm111 / 100 N/50mm
Resistance to Tearing (Length)179N179N179N
Resistance to Tearing (Width)179N179N179N
Elongation (Length)61 / 57%61 / 57%61 / 57%
Elongation (Width)92 / 87%92 / 87%92 / 87%
Flexibility at Low Temp.-40°C-40°C-40°C
Reinforced Heavy Duty Double Foil Laminated Outer Layers022
Mesh Reinforced Foil Laminated Outer Layers200
Aluminium Coated Reflective Foil PET Layers1413
Thermo Foam Separation Layers1016
Loft Quilt 80g/sqm Layers256
Total Layers61137


Roof schematics
Wall schematics
Floor Schematics

Pitched Roof

Ancient Architecture Brick Building

SuperFOIL roof insulation can be used in a variety of roofing projects, such as pitched roofs and can be used as part of a warm, cold or hybrid roof system applications.

To guarantee you achieve your required performance, SuperFOIL can be utilised in single or multiple layers. It can also be used in combination with traditional (non reflective) types of insulation, such as mineral wool or foam board.

SuperFOIL should be installed as a continuous layer to avoid the timbers creating a thermal bridge which can reduce performance by up to 15%. Multifoil insulation can be installed above or below the rafters. 

SuperFOIL is easy to install.  Simply roll it out and staple across your rafters. Where the rolls meet, overlap the edges and seal with SuperFOIL tape. Once fully sealed, use a counter batten to create an air gap then continue with your next layer such as plasterboard.


Flat Roof

SuperFOIL is an ideal solution for use in flat roof systems due to its certified, high performance vapour control properties and continuous installation method.

Our range of roof insulations have a vapour resistance of 1200MNs/g which is over twice that of the typical vapour control layer. As well as this, the installation process means the insulation is used in a continuous layer which creates a high performance barrier. This means that much less vapour is able to pass through. By minimising the amount of vapour, you are reducing the risk of condensation occurring.

As with pitched roofs, SuperFOIL is easy to install on a flat roof. Simply roll the insulation out and staple in place. Always ensure that there is an overlap and that any edges are fully sealed with SuperFOIL tape. 

If you plan to use a single ply membrane then no additional ventilation is normally required. However, we do recommend that a full condensation analysis should be undertaken to ensure there is no risk. This is something that our team of experts can assist you with free of charge.


Flat Roof Conservatory With Skylight


Bernard Hermant Architecture

SuperFOIL is a highly versatile product, whilst still maintaining outstanding performance in all applications. Our multifoil insulation range can be used in both new build or retrofit projects, whether timber framed or solid wall constructions.  As well as this, SuperFOIL can be used internally or externally to achieve your U- value target. 

SuperFOIL is an ideal solution for timber framed structures because the studwork provides the perfect framework to create air gaps without additional battens. This allows for  maximum performance from your new insulation  

Examples of the high performance of SuperFOIL can be seen by utilising our SF40 within your dry lining project. By doing this you can achieve approximately a 0.22U in a wall that is otherwise uninsulated. 

By using just 70mm of SuperFOIL on a solid wall can bring its performance levels from uninsulated to exceeding current building regulations.

As with all the SuperFOIL products, installation is simple. Simply roll out and staple into place ensuring a 100mm overlap where rolls meet, then seal any joins with SuperFOIL tape.



SuperFOIL insulation can be used floor applications and is an ideal solution for suspended timber floors. (If looking for solid floor insulation please see our SFUF).

Using a SuperFOIL multifoil insulation is the perfect solution to the issues that can arise when using traditional insulation types for a retrofit project, such as foam board . The Multifoil range is a long lasting solution that allows for flexibility and reduces the risk of condensation.  It also creates an airtight seal which stops any unwanted drafts. With very minimal insulation you can achieve exceptional performance.

Building With Windowed Walls
Certified By:
BBA Inspection certificate

All SuperFOIL multifoil  Insulation products are independently tested to comply with relevant UK building regulations for use as part of construction and European regulations such as CE. These assessments are carried out by notified bodies and 3rd party certified laboratories.

Thermal performance is confirmed by testing to BS EN ISO 12667, ISO 8301 by BBA ( British Board of Agrément), who are a UKAS certified body and are an internationally accredited laboratory. Furthermore we have a range of other accreditation’s to comply with UK, EU & CE regulations to provide added confidence and accelerate your building application process from highly respected bodies such as BBA, LABC, DIBT & ZAG.

BBA Agrément Certificate For Use In Roofs & Walls

LABC Registered Detail Assured

Approved By NHBC Standard & Warranties

SuperFOIL can be used in many different situations to meet or exceed the requirements of Building Regulations for virtually any project, we can also provide U-value calculations (free of charge) for elemental or SAP assessment methods.

Specific approved thermal test methods are required to comply with BR443 in Part ‘L’ of Building Regulations. On top of this performance SuperFOIL also helps by reducing air moment (to reduce heat loss through convection currents) and radiant barrier properties (to reduce heat transfer through radiation /solar gain) helping to keep you home warmer in winter & cooler in summer.



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