Roof Insulation

From flat to pitched, SuperFOIL’s high-quality roof insulation can cater to everyone. Our professional team with years of experience always provide a time-efficient service.

Roof insulation is a must for reducing heat loss and energy bills. In our range of insulation, you will find exactly what you need to retain your home’s warmth optimally.

Our extensive range caters to every roof type. No matter your project, we have the right insulation foil for you.

We have certified products with innovation and efficiency at the forefront of our minds. Satisfaction guaranteed, our high-quality cold and warm roof insulation systems are second to none. Impressive thermal performance is key to any materials we choose for our products.

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Quality Roof Insulation Can
Reduce Your Energy Bills

A building with high-quality, adequately installed roof insulation loses less warm air during the winter and less cool air in the summer. You’ll save on your electricity bills when you insulate both cold and warm flat roofs since less energy will be required to maintain your property. Remember, the insulation you choose must suit your building’s requirements.


At SuperFOIL, our insulation experts have designed an innovative solution- multifoil insulation. Simple to install, sustainable, and suitable for all build types, get in touch today to find out how we can make tackling heat loss easy.

Pitched Roof

Pitched roof

SuperFOIL is the perfect insulation choice for your pitched roof construction, from retrofit applications to new builds. SuperFOIL manufactures a wide range of products suitable for under rafter and over rafter installation.


SuperFOIL makes pitched roof insulation a breeze with easy and quick fitting methods, and no excessive measuring or cutting is required like it is with standard loft insulation. Our years of experience mean we constantly adapt our processes to ensure we always provide the highest quality. An innovative continuous layer installation method reduces installation time while avoiding thermal bridging issues.


SuperFOIL’s single or multiple layer options mean it can be applied with a ‘DUET’ installation. The fitting can occur both internally and externally. You can also use it with traditional and non-reflective materials, such as glass wool or foam insulation board. Our innovative insulation technologies achieve ultimate thermal performance and include a vapour barrier, reducing moisture, dampness and condensation, and saving money on energy bills by reducing heat loss from your property.

Flat Roof

Flat Roof Conservatory With Skylight

The certified, high-performance vapour control properties and high thermal values in SuperFOIL make it the ideal solution for flat roof insulation. Our product comes with a vapour resistance of 1200MNs/g, which reduces the need for a vapour control layer. Absorbent, bulky mineral wool can’t compare.


SuperFOIL installation is quick and hassle-free since they don’t require an extra vapour control layer, allowing the easiest flat roof insulation. Our high performance, adaptable roof systems are suitable for all building types to prevent heat loss, without the thickness of traditional insulation. The innovative technology means you can use our products for under and over rafters' insulation.


SuperFOIL can be used internally and externally using ‘DUET’ installation. Alternatively, SuperFOIL’s adaptive nature means you can use it with another existing type of insulation, like foam insulation boards, spray foam insulation or mineral wool insulation. SuperFOIL can be used as part of any flat roof building project, no matter your choice of materials. Increase the energy efficiency of your existing roof, expand your living space into your loft space, reduce your heat loss and save money on heating bills.

The Difference Between Warm and Cold Flat Roofs

There are two different types of flat roofs that require separate insulation methods. With warm flat roofing, insulation material will be placed on top of the roof. However, cold flat roofing requires that insulation is placed between the joists underneath the roof surface. Our multifoil can cater to both applications without requiring an additional vapour control layer. We combat heat loss quickly and efficiently, with minimal effort required from you.

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We are a team of highly skilled professionals with years of experience in the field; we are dedicated to saving you time, space, and money on your projects. Our products are suitable for all building types- both flat roof and pitched roof insulation projects. We’ve worked with a vast range of clients, from office buildings to campervan conversions; we’ve done it all. Please take a look at our case studies to see the range of works we have completed. All of our insulation products are tested and certified by the BBA so that you can have peace of mind with our roof insulation.

Insulation Guide - SuperFOIL Insulation

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Complies with all relevant UK building regulations

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All SuperFOIL Insulation products are independently tested by notified bodies and 3rd party certified laboratories to comply with relevant UK building regulations for use as part of construction and European regulations such as CE/UKCA.

We are also part of the Quality Mark Protection scheme and the IAA, meaning you are protected when using SuperFOIL Insulation in your project.

SuperFOIL can be used in many different situations to meet or exceed the requirements of Building Regulations for virtually any project, we can also provide U-value calculations (free of charge) for elemental or SAP assessment methods.

Here at SuperFOIL insulation, we are committed to increasing our sustainability in all our processes. We have a new, high-tech production line in our warehouse allowing us to keep up with demand using UK manufacturing.

On top of this, our products are made from up to 40% recycled materials, namely recycled plastic drinking bottles which go into the wadding used in our insulation products helping to reduce the amount of new, raw materials being made.

We are significantly reducing the amount of plastic used in retail packaging as part of our waste management protocols, reducing the amount of waste going to landfill from our products as well as our warehouse and offices.

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