From retrofit applications to new builds, SuperFOIL is the perfect insulation for your pitched roof project.  SuperFOIL manufacture a wide range of products suitable for both under rafter and over rafter installation.

SuperFOIL makes pitched roof insulation a breeze with its easy and quick installation methods, with no excessive measuring or cutting required. By using the continuous layer installation method, it also avoids thermal bridging issues.

SuperFOIL can be used in single or multiple layers. This makes it perfect for a ‘DUET’ installation, using SuperFOIL for both your internal and external applications.  It can also be used in combination with traditional (non-reflective) types of insulation, such as mineral wool or foam board.


Due to its certified, high performance vapour control properties and high thermal values, SuperFOIL is the ideal solution for use in flat roof applications.

Suitable for all building types and can be used for under or over joist application.

Using SuperFOIL insulation for your flat roof, cuts out the need for a vapour control layer due to having a vapour resistance of 1200MNs/g, making installation quick and hassle free.

SuperFOIL can be used both internally and externally using the ‘DUET’ method of installation. Alternatively, SuperFOIL can be used in combination with other insulation types, such as foam board or mineral wool.



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