Breathable Multifoil Insulation

  • 3 IN 1 DESIGN
    Our breathable multifoil insulation range provides foil insulation, breather membrane, and radiant barrier all in one layer.
    Our breathable multifoil range can achieve any u-value whether used on its own or in combination with other insulation types.
    No specialist tools are required when installing our breathable multifoil insulation in walls and roofs.
    Our multifoil range is made from 40% recycled materials; our insulation is more eco-friendly than other options.
    Ideal for new build & retrofit. Roofs, Walls & Floors

Protect Your Project With Our Breathable Insulation

Here at SuperFOIL, we produce the UK’s highest performing, breathable, multifoil insulation.


Our ‘BB’ range utilises a highly breathable, reflective top membrane which provides you with a secondary rain barrier, whilst allowing moisture to escape safely away. The remaining layers are perforated which keeps the whole product breathable, whilst still providing high thermal performance.


Our range of multifoil insulation is CE-certified as a breathable membrane and water barrier. If you are searching for a reliable and affordable insulation system, you needn’t look any further. By working alongside SuperFOIL, you can take comfort in the fact you are applying a highly reliable and regulated product.


As with the rest of our multifoil range, our products are also 3-in-1. Our breathable loft lining provides highly efficient insulation, a radiant barrier, and a helpful membrane. Not only will you save on your energy bills, but you’ll also protect your home from condensation! Over time, moisture can weaken your foundation and compromise the structural integrity of your building. Choose our insulation to keep your house safe and at a comfortable temperature, whatever the weather!

Breathable Membrane & Insulation In One Layer

Using our range of breathable multifoil insulation saves you from completing unnecessary work. Our breathable lining range means you only have to install one product to protect and insulate. Multifoil insulation will always be the ultimate convenient solution since it is reflective and water-resistant without additional measures. You could easily reduce the time it takes to insulate your new build project.


As well as the benefits of water resistance, the breathable range comes with a built-in 100mm overlap on the membrane. You won’t have to trim or confront excess material at joints.


The multifoil range can be used as part of the ‘DUET’ system; use your chosen SuperFOIL breathable insulation internally and externally for a durable solution. It can also be used in a ‘COMBI’ installation, meaning that our products are fully compatible with other types of insulation. If your loft insulation isn’t effective enough alone, you can pair our multifoil with mineral wool or foam boards for convenience. Of course, our insulation technology and resistance membrane is effective enough alone! Still, removing current material in your walls and your flooring can waste time and effort.

Say Goodbye To Condensation
With Breathable Insulation!

External Application

Save Time & Money By Choosing The Right Insulation For The Job!

SFBB SuperFOIL roll


SuperFOIL SF19 Roll


SF40BB Roll - SuperFOIL Insulation



  • 0.29 R Value
    When used in a roof
  • 1mm Thick
    1.5m Wide by 25/50m Long


  • 2.22 R Value
    When used in a roof
  • 40mm Thick
    1.2/1.5m Wide by 10m Long


  • 3.67 R Value
    When used in a roof
  • 75mm Thick
    1.5m Wide by 10m Long

Technical Information

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Core PerformanceN/A1.454 R Value2.92 R Value
Roof Performance*0.29 R Value2.22 R Value3.67 R Value
Wall Performance*0.366 R Value2.53 R Value3.98 R Value
Emittance0.190.19 / 0.030.19 / 0.03
Reaction To Fire (Euroclass)Class E (Behind Plasterboard)Class E (Behind Plasterboard)Class E (Behind Plasterboard)
Water Vapour Resistance0.115MNs/g0.115MNs/g0.115MNs/g
Resistance To Water PenetrationW1W1W1
Tensile Properties (Length)238 / 227 N/50mm238 / 227 N/50mm238 / 227 N/50mm
Tensile Properties (Width)111 / 100 N/50mm111 / 100 N/50mm111 / 100 N/50mm
Resistance to Tearing (Length)179N179N179N
Resistance to Tearing (Width)179N179N179N
Elongation (Length)61 / 57%61 / 57%61 / 57%
Elongation (Width)92 / 87%92 / 87%92 / 87%
Flexibility at Low Temp.-40°C-40°C-40°C
Reflective Coated Breather Membrane111
Perforated Aluminium Coated Reflective Foil PET-38
Perforated Reinforced Heavy Outer Reflective Foil-11
Loft Quilt 80g/sqm Layers-49
Total Layers1919

*Core value + 2 air spaces / EN 16012



Roof Insulation Application

Close up of wavy roof tiles

Do you have a roofing project to complete? No problem! Our breathable multifoil insulation can be used in virtually any roofing project, whether new build or retrofit. Our insulation works as a breathable roof membrane and loft insulation in one layer. Our 3 in 1 insulation products save on time and money. Our insulation is ideal for external use, providing both insulation and a breathable roof membrane in a single product.

The SuperFOIL breathable multifoil insulation range is the perfect solution for those troublesome retrofit projects. Our BB products provide a significant performance boost with minimal build-up for when space is limited. For new build projects, our breathable loft lining helps to minimise costs whilst allowing innovative design. Our breathable multifoil insulation creates a breathable roof- keeping your property warm in winter and cool during the summer months.


Wall Insulation Application

Our breathable membrane multifoil insulation range achieved a W1 waterproof rating, which is suitable for both roofs and wall insulation applications. The ‘BB’ range is commonly used to insulate walls externally, allowing any moisture build-up inside the wall or stud work to escape. This also provides additional protection for your property in the form of a secondary rain barrier.

You could achieve an approximate U-value of 0.32 in your wall by using a single layer of SF19BB. Adding just 25mm of mineral wool between the studs would increase to 0.28U whilst still ensuring the wall is fully breathable.

Flat Roof Conservatory With Skylight

Floor Insulation Application

floor insulation

Did you know that up to 10% of a home’s energy escapes through flooring? This is down to poor floor insulation. High-quality underfloor insulation, when correctly installed, will improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce your energy bills. Our innovative insulation solutions are easy to install and highly effective.

The SuperFOIL breathable multifoil insulation range is suitable for suspended floor and solid floor applications. Our breathable insulation also gets to work instantly, so you can start increasing your energy efficiency immediately.

Breathable Roof Membrane

Why Choose Our Breathable Roof Membrane Insulation?

With a vapour resistance of 0.115MNs/g, our range of breathable roof membranes offers the same benefits as a traditional breather membrane but with the bonus of thermal properties. This means you can always be confident using our product, knowing it will not cause any condensation issues.

Our breathable roof membrane insulation is easy to install. Starting at the bottom of your roof, roll out as a continuous layer over your rafters/joists horizontally and staple into place.

The built-in overlap system of our breathable insulation ensures you will consistently achieve the correct overlap between joins. Meaning you just have to peel the backing on the integrated tape to provide an airtight finish for ultimate effectiveness.

By following these methods to install your SuperFOIL products, you could see an increase in performance of up to 15% against traditional forms of insulation.

Roof External 2

Complies with all relevant UK building regulations

Copy of Building Regulations 2010
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All SuperFOIL Insulation products are independently tested by notified bodies and 3rd party certified laboratories to comply with relevant UK building regulations for use as part of construction and European regulations such as CE/UKCA.

We are also part of the Quality Mark Protection scheme and the IAA, meaning you are protected when using SuperFOIL Insulation in your project.

SuperFOIL can be used in many different situations to meet or exceed the requirements of Building Regulations for virtually any project, we can also provide U-value calculations (free of charge) for elemental or SAP assessment methods


Here at SuperFOIL insulation, we are committed to increasing our sustainability in all our processes.

We have a new, high-tech production line in our warehouse allowing us to keep up with demand using UK manufacturing.
On top of this, our products are made from up to 40% recycled materials, namely recycled plastic drinking bottles which go into the wadding used in our insulation products helping to reduce the amount of new, raw materials being made.

We are significantly reducing the amount of plastic used in retail packaging as part of our waste management protocols, reducing the amount of waste going to landfill from our products as well as our warehouse and offices.

U Value