Up to 10% of a home's energy escapes through the flooring. This is due to poor or no insulation underneath. Investing in high quality, professional underfloor insulation will reduce energy bills and improve the energy efficiency of your home. No matter the flooring type, SuperFoils innovative insulation can be easily applied and get to work instantly increasing the stability in temperature of your home.  

Investing in good quality, professional insulation will save you money over the years on energy bills.

Floor Insulation Applications

Suspended Timber Floor Insulation

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Without proper insulation, homes can lose up to 10% of their energy through their flooring. With outstanding thermal performance, SuperFOIL offers insulation whether it be in a retrofit or a new build, the airtight technology guarantees to retain your home’s natural temperature.

Eliminating drafts and retaining warmth is one of the fundamental elements high-quality insulation provides and SuperFOIL suspended timber floor insulation is no exception. It can be used directly over joists, creating an airtight seal under your floorboards.


Solid Floor Insulation

With our specially designed floor insulation, installing insulation on a solid floor has never been so simple.

SuperFOIL SFUF insulation has been designed with all underfloor heating types in mind. Years of experience has meant we have developed a specialist polythene top layer making it possible to apply the insulation directly under screed.

From screeded floors to floating floors, SuperFOIL covers it all.


Floor Insulation Using Multi Foil


Our FREE guide gives you all the information on saving time and money when insulating your home, and how to really make a difference to the comfort of your rooms.

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