The Weird and Wonderful Places We’ve Installed SuperFoil

Everybody needs insulation. We believe there is a material to suit every property and circumstance. However, at SuperFOIL, we favour foil insulation most highly, and our clients tend to follow suit! Over the years, we’ve contributed our expertise to some weird and wonderful projects.

Here is a highlight reel of some of our favourite non-housing jobs, proving SuperFOIL can be installed just about anywhere!

Insulating A Garden Shed

You read that right. SuperFOIL manufacture products that are suitable for garden sheds! When working from home became the standard, our client Big Dog Little Dog needed a quiet space to deliver online training. This customer required a nine square metre outdoor shed to become a broadcasting studio, and heating was the primary concern.

Our bubble foil insulation was the ideal solution. All SuperFOIL products are lightweight and thin so that you can apply them to the most compact spaces. Additionally, our rolls are easy to install. Even if you’re a self-proclaimed DIY hater, you won’t struggle to fit our products and retain heat anywhere. We campaign that everybody should insulate their shed, even without turning it into a broadcasting studio. During the harshness of winter, foil insulation can protect your gardening equipment. 

Insulating A Railway Wagon

If you didn’t think a garden shed was wacky enough, we’ve helped insulate a railway wagon! This project posed unique challenges since the dimensions of the carriage were unusual. Any insulation for the roof had to be flexible and thin whilst helping to retain the original appearance. Thin material is typically less effective at keeping heat, but our foil challenges that.

Our breathable multifoil insulation proved to be the perfect solution. To convert this railway wagon into an enjoyable garden room, a layer of SF19BB was installed into the 2m x 5m roof and topped with corrugated steel. Talk about being able to apply multifoil insulation anywhere!

Hot Air Balloon

We don’t mean to brag, but our insulation prowess covers hot air balloons. SuperFOIL has partnered with Cameron Balloons to create a ten-storey project with reflective properties. For a successful world record attempt, this client needed a material for their balloon that could withstand daunting weather conditions. Our reflective membrane was the ultimate, lightweight but durable choice.

For context on the enormity of this project, the measurements of the laminate membrane required for our balloon matched the amount you’d need to insulate 150 starter homes. This achievement was no small feat! You can hopefully understand our extreme pride.

Insulating A Treehouse

Everybody insulates their home. It isn’t noteworthy or bizarre and remarkable. Still, how about a house in the trees? Up at a height, the weather conditions can be harsher. Insulation is a critical step in creating a habitable treehouse. SuperFOIL products are slim and easy to install alongside any material. 

The Woodsman’s Treehouse in Dorset is a luxurious property in the branches of a 200-year-old tree. Our SF60 foil has been used for wall application at a manageable 100mm thickness. All the elements are restricted from entering this outdoor property with an insulation layer, a vapour control barrier, and a radiant barrier. Comfort is a guarantee after SuperFOIL has contributed to protecting any project!

The Conclusion On Foil Insulation

No matter what you’re transforming or renovating, our team can help. We’ve got experience specifying products for the non-traditional, such as our hot air balloon. Our foil insulation can accommodate unusual interiors. Campervans, garden sheds and treehouses alike can be insulated from top to bottom, creating a comfortable atmosphere. Protect your belongings from the bitter cold, and prevent wasting heat and damaging the environment with support from SuperFOIL. 


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