Multi Foil Insulation


SuperFOIL Insulation Standard Uses
  • 2 IN 1

    Acts as both a foil insulation & vapour control layer


    R Value of up to 2.33


    U-Value Solutions To achieve U0.18, U0.13, U0.1


    Ideal for new build & retrofit


    Made From 40% Recycled Materials

Key Features

  • 3-1 product that provides insulation,vapour control layer and radiant barrier

  • Light weight, simple to use product

  • Corrosive resistant

  • Suitable for multiple applications

  • Range of sizes available

  • Easy, pre-packed product kits available

SuperFOIL’s range of bubble foil insulation is completely waterproof and stops the passage of moisture through your walls, floor or ceiling.  Our Multi-layer, air bubble insulation is made from corrosion resistant materials, meaning that it will have a longer lifespan than other bubble foil products on the market.

Our Bubble foil can be used in multiple applications, from walls and floors to garden buildings,garage doors and campervans, it will do it all! Infact, a roll of our general purpose wrap should always have a place in your shed for those unexpected moments! 


A 3 in 1 product, our range of bubble foils provide insulation, a vapour control layer and a radiant barrier. They are light and easy to install, and have minimal wastage. 

We also provide handy, pre-packed kits with everything you need to insulate your garage door, or for behind your radiators to maximise your heat gain.   


Bubble foil really is a product where the only limitation is your imagination.



  • 0.97 R VALUE

    R Value of 0.97 When used in a roof

  • 3mm THICK

    1.5m Wide by 25 / 50m Long

  • VCL

    1200MNs/g Vapour Resistance

Key Features

Radiator Insulation


    No need to remove the radiator

  • 3mm THICK

    0.6m Wide by 5m Length


    Provides additional performance against conduction and convection heat loss

General Purpose Wrap Crop

General Purpose Wrap


    Lightweight and flexible

  • 3mm THICK

    1m Wide by 7m Long


    Suitable for many uses including motor homes, kennels, green houses etc.

Garage Door Kit Croppage

Garage Door Insulation


    Lightweight and easy to cut to size

  • 3mm THICK

    0.6m Wide by 10m Long


    Comes with double sided and foil tape to install

Thermal Performance

SFBA MP 1.5m x 25mSFBA MP 1.5m x 50mSFBA MP 0.75m x 50mRadiator InsulationGeneral Purpose WrapGarage Door Insulation
Core Performance0.12 R Value0.12 R Value0.12 R Value0.12 R Value0.12 R Value0.12 R Value
Roof Performance1.03 R Value1.03 R Value1.03 R Value1.03 R Value1.03 R Value1.03 R Value
Wall Performance1.45 R Value1.45 R Value1.45 R Value1.45 R Value1.45 R Value1.45 R Value
Floor Performance2.77 R Value2.77 R Value2.77 R Value2.77 R Value2.77 R Value2.77 R Value

If you need to insulate your home or building project send us your details and we'll work out a solution to meet your requirements.

Product Dimensions

SFBA MP 1.5m x 25mSFBA MP 1.5m x 50mSFBA MP 0.75m x 50mRadiator InsulationGeneral Purpose WrapGarage Door Insulation

Product Composition

SFBA MP 1.5m x 25mSFBA MP 1.5m x 50mSFBA MP 0.75m x 50mRadiator InsulationGeneral Purpose WrapGarage Door Insulation
Aluminium Metalized PET Layer222222
Air Bubble111111
Total Layers333333

Roof, Walls & Floors

SF19FR Roof1


Our Bubble foil insulation can be used for use within your roof, floor and walls. Due to its aluminium metalized PET, it is corrosion resistant and creates a watertight barrier when installed. 

Due to its low emissivity of 0.03 it reflects 97% of thermal energy meaning that your project will remain warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

It is easy to install.Simply roll out as a continuous layer, ensuring an overlap at joins, and then staple to fix into place. Once in place, seal all joins with SuperFOIL tape. There is minimal waste and no mess!

Radiator Kit

flat roof SF19+ insulation

Our pre-packed radiator kits are a great way to save some money on your energy bills. They are will reflect 95% of the heat from your radiators back into the room, rather than heating the wall behind it! 


As with all SuperFOIL products, it is easy to install and comes with self adhesive tabs for fixing. All you have to do is cut the product to size and then using the self sticking tabs, attach it to the wall behind the back of the radiator. The kit comes with 5m of foil, giving you enough to do 3 ( or more) radiators! No mess to clean up and savings on your energy bill. What could be better?

Garage Door Kit

SF19FR Wall1

With our handy, pre-prepared kits, your garage door will be insulated in no time!

Roll out the product and then cut to desired size. Attach the bubble foil to the inside of your garage door using the included self-adhesive tape and seal any joins. That’s it, you’re done!


All SuperFOIL multi foil  Insulation products are independently tested to comply with relevant UK building regulations for use as part of construction and European regulations such as CE. These assessments are carried out by notified bodies and 3rd party certified laboratories.

Thermal performance is confirmed by testing to BS EN ISO 12667, ISO 8301 by BBA ( British Board of Agrément), who are a UKAS certified body and are an internationally accredited laboratory. Furthermore we have a range of other accreditation’s to comply with UK, EU & CE regulations to provide added confidence and accelerate your building application process from highly respected bodies such as BBA, LABC, DIBT & ZAG.

SuperFOIL can be used in many different situations to meet or exceed the requirements of Building Regulations for virtually any project, we can alsoprovide a  U value calculations (free of charge) for elemental or SAP assessment methods.

Specific approved thermal test methods are required to comply with BR443 in Part ‘L’ of Building Regulations. On top of this performance SuperFOIL also helps by reducing air moment (to reduce heat loss through convection currents) and radiant barrier properties (to reduce heat transfer through radiation /solar gain) helping to keep you home warmer in winter & cooler in summer.

BBA Tested
Thermal Testing by BBA
labc_4890 Reg_RegDetails
BRE Global
Fire Testing by BRE