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SFBA – High tech foil insulation

SuperFOIL SFBA is the UK’s leading bubble foil insulation. It can be used to insulate under floors, in walls, in dry linings such as for cellars and can also be used in green houses and other industrial applications. SFBA is designed to maximize insulation performance with a quick and easy installation. SFBA is an ideal radiant barrier for supplementing existing insulation, helping to keep your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

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Technical Information
SFBA MP – SpecificationData (Small Roll)Data (Large Roll)
Thickness Installed3mm3mm
Weight Per Roll7.5kg15kg
Dimensions Packed1.5m by 25cm1.5m by 50cm
Roll Dimensions1.5m by 25m1.5m by 50m
Total Area Per Roll37.5 sqm75 sqm

Installer Notes
  • SFBA SuperFOIL can be used in all types of roof & wall structures.
  • SFBA SuperFOIL can be laid horizontally or vertically depending on the characteristics of the area to be insulated.
  • SFBA SuperFOIL can be cut with a craft knife or scissors.
  • SFBA SuperFOIL is attached with galvanised or stainless steel staples.
  • Contact with lead, copper and its alloys should be avoided.
  • Do not use SFBA SuperFOIL to insulate a chimney flue.
  • When using SFBA SuperFOIL around downlighters a 30mm clear cavity must be provided. The use of fire rated fittings or fire hoods is recommended
  • SFBA SuperFOIL is most effective with a 25mm minimum air gap easily provided with battens.
  • SFBA SuperFOIL should be stored under cover and protected from the elements.
  • SFBA SuperFOIL tape (20m x 100mm) should be used on all overlaps and joints.
  • Be careful of the sun’s reflection when installing outside.
Installing Over Rafter
  1. Roll out SFBA SuperFOIL over rafters. Staple at least every 500mm or as conditions dictate and cover joins with SuperFOIL tape, overlap by 75mm (Min 50mm, Max 100mm).
  2. At the eaves, cut SuperFOIL around rafters and seal to cavity wall insulation or wall plate to create airtight envelope.
  3. Fix battens parallel with the rafters and apply a breathable roof underlay according to manufacturers guidelines.
  4. Fix roofing battens and tiles according to manufactures guidelines.
Installing Under Rafters
  1. Roll out SuperFOIL, starting along the top of the roof. Batten horizontally over rafters. Staple at least every 500mm or as conditions dictate and cover joins with SuperFOIL tape, overlap by 75mm (Min 50mm, Max 100mm)
  2. At the bottom of the roof pitch, staple the SFBA SuperFOIL directly onto the timber wall plate to create an airtight envelope.
  3. Fix battens across the rafters and ensure air gap between SuperFOIL and the plasterboard.

Certification & Other Information