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Multi Foil Insulation


SuperFOIL Insulation Standard Uses
  • 2 IN 1

    Acts as both a radiant barrier & vapour membrane


    Certified by LABC & BBA


    U-Value Solutions To achieve U0.18, U0.13, U0.1


    Ideal for new build & retrofit


    Made From 40% Recycled Materials

Key Features

  • Reflective Membrane for added thermal performance.

  • Using a high performance VCL & breather membrane helps to reduce the risk of condensation.

  • Helps to reduce solar gain in summer & heat loss in winter.

  • W1 Watertight so can be used on roof & walls, new build or retrofit.

  • Using reflective membranes helps to reduce overall insulation requirements.

  • Quick and easy to install available in multiple roll sizes to suit project.

Our range of reflective membrane’s add a competitive edge over traditional membranes by serving two purposes. They provide both the VCL or breather membrane function whilst adding additional thermal performance to your build helping you to save money & space on insulation costs.

SFTV & SFTV 1L provide a very high performance vapour control layer. With a vapour resistance of 1200MNs/g SFTV achieves nearly 3 times the performance of a standard 500gauge polythene. Higher performance means less vapour will get into your roof or wall structure in turn reducing the risk of condensation significantly.

SFBB our breathable membrane offers the other side to the equation. It is fully W1 watertight so can be used on both roofs & walls unlike many breathable membranes means you only need one product for your project instead of 2. Its low vapour resistance of 0.115MNs/g means that any vapour that does enter your properties walls or roof will be able to easily escape rather than building up and forming condensation.

SFTV Reflective membrane sample


  • 0.95 R VALUE

    R Value of 0.95 When used in a roof with two air gaps

  • 1mm THICK

    1.5m Wide by 25 / 50m Long

  • VCL

    1200MNs/g Vapour Resistance

SFTV 1L reflective Membrane


  • 0.475 R VALUE

    R Value of 0.475 When used in a roof with one air gap

  • 1mm THICK

    1.2m Wide by 20m Long

  • VCL

    1200MNs/g Vapour Resistance

SFBB breather Membrane Sample


  • ZONE 1 - 5

    Suitable for all locations, Zones 1 to 5

  • 1mm THICK

    1.5m Wide by 25 / 50m Long


    0.115MNs/g Vapour Resistance

Thermal Performance

Core PerformanceN/AN/AN/A
Roof Performance0.95 R Value0.47 R Value0.29 R Value
Wall Performance1.42 R Value0.71 R Value0.366 R Value
Floor Performance2.8 R Value1.4 R Value-

If you need to insulate your home or building project send us your details and we'll work out a solution to meet your requirements.

Product Dimensions

Length25 / 50m20m25 / 50m
Coverage37.5 / 75m²24m²37.5 / 75m²
Weight4.8 / 10.7kg4kg5.4 / 10.8kg

Fire Performance

Reaction To Fire (Euroclass)Class E (Behind Plasterboard)Class E (Behind Plasterboard)Class E (Behind Plasterboard)

Additional Information

Water Vapour Resistance1200MNs/g1200MNs/g0.115MNs/g
Resistance To Water PenetrationW1W1W1
Tensile Properties (Length)238 / 227 N/50mm238 / 227 N/50mm705 / 635 N/50mm
Tensile Properties (Width)111 / 100 N/50mm111 / 100 N/50mm610 / 580 N/50mm
Resistance to Tearing (Length)179N179N428N
Resistance to Tearing (Width)179N179N453N
Elongation (Length)61 / 57%61 / 57%26 / 16%
Elongation (Width)92 / 87%92 / 87%28 / 17%
Flexibility at Low Temp.-40°C-40°C-40°C

Product Composition

Reinforced Heavy Duty Laminated Double Foil100
Glass Fibre Reinforced Heavy Laminated Aluminium Foil010
Reflective Coated Breather Membrane001
Total Layers111


SF19FR Roof1

Both SFTV & SFBB reflective membranes can be used in flat roof & pitched roof applications. By using them together you create the ideal situation for modern day building. SFTV helps to stop the ingress of moisture to your rafters that can cause condensation and in turn rot. Whilst SFBB allows the escape of any moisture that does get into your roof cavity.

Providing a high performance VCL such as SFTV is especially important on flat roofs where the risk of condensation is much higher.


Wall Img

If your looking to re-clad or insulate your properties walls externally then our SFBB provides the ideal secondary rain barrier. The low vapour resistance of SFBB allows any moisture within your walls to escape whilst still providing a barrier to ingress of water. The use of a reflective membrane gives additional benefits by adding a radiant barrier that helsp to reduce solar gain and improve overall thermal performance.

When dry lining internally our SFTV provides the perfect solution adding both thermal and vapour performance.


All SuperFOIL reflective membrane products are independently tested to comply with relevant UK building regulations for use as part of construction and European regulations such as CE. These assessments are carried out by notified bodies and 3rd party certified laboratories.

Vapour resistance performance testing has been carried out by BTTG and wind uplift tests performed by BBA to ensure our products meet the highest standards possible.

BBA Tested
Thermal Testing by BBA
labc_4890 Reg_RegDetails
BRE Global
Fire Testing by BRE