How To: SuperFOIL Wall Insulation

Are you trying to reduce your energy bills and save money throughout the year? Of course, you are!

Well, SuperFOIL has the expertise to support your endeavour. We’ll teach you simple changes to conserve the electricity you use. We aim to save you hundreds of pounds while lessening your contribution to climate change. Everybody wins! 

An excellent way to limit your carbon emissions is to insulate your home. You can stop heat escaping from your roof, flooring, and walls with insulation products. In the guide below, we’ll focus on insulating your walls with SuperFOIL.

Step 1 – Choose Your Insulation

Internal and external walls require different types of insulation. Exterior walls are subjected to harsher weather, while internal insulation stops heat from leaking between rooms. Therefore, you will need to choose two different insulations for your property. The good news is that SuperFOIL can cater for both of these requirements.

Options you should consider for insulation include:

  • Multifoil insulation with vapour control. Our multifoil includes insulation, a vapour control layer and a radiant barrier. 
  • Breathable multifoil insulation. Similarly to standard multifoil, our breathable insulation boasts a 3-in-1 design. It includes foil insulation, a breather membrane, and a radiant barrier.
  • Bubble foil insulation. Bubble foil offers a corrosive resistant layer of high-performance insulation, a radiant barrier and a vapour control layer.
  • Reflective membrane. Light and thin, you gain a high-performance vapour control layer from this sustainable material. It combines a radiant barrier with a vapour membrane.

Step 2 – Measure Your Material

Now you’ve successfully determined which insulation type you’d like to install, it’s time for the next step. You must decide how much material you require to insulate your walls.

Follow these steps to calculate how much wall insulation you’ll need:

  1. Calculate the height and length of your room walls. Multiply the height of each wall with its length and note it down. Don’t subtract windows or door openings since excess material comes in handy.
  2. Divide the amount of square footage required by the length of your multifoil roll. You may need several rolls to complete the job. 
  3. Estimate the cost. Now you know how many rolls of insulation you require and the material you’re using, you can estimate the project’s cost.

Step 3 – Fitting Your Insulation

All SuperFOIL products are designed to be straightforward. You don’t need a professional to fit our insulation since you can complete the tasks independently. Whether you choose multifoil, breathable sheets, fire-rated products or a reflective membrane, the process is similar. 

Every variation comes on a roll and contains no harmful fibres. You can use SuperFOIL products alongside existing insulation to avoid stripping away current foam boards.

To install SuperFOIL to your internal walls:

  1. Apply battens to your wall vertically or horizontally.
  2. Fit SuperFOIL directly to the battens from the roll.
  3. If installing horizontally, start at the bottom of the room and work up to the ceiling.
  4. If installing vertically, start at the highest point and roll down to the floor.
  5. Staple your foil in place at regular intervals.
  6. Overlap joints by a minimum of 50mm.
  7. Seal joints, cuts and edges with SuperFOIL tape.

For further information, read our wall install flyer.

Sort Professional Support

If you’re in any doubt, the team at SuperFOIL are ready and raring to help. We can help find a suitable solution whether you are needing to meet a specific U-value or just looking to further insulate your home.

You’re in safe hands when it comes to SuperFOIL Insulation. Book a discovery session to find out more.


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