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When deciding on specifications, there are lots of questions that tend to pop up, so we've compiled this handy list of FAQ's so you can get answers, fast.

SuperFOIL rolls SF19+

General Questions

Superfoil is the leading manufacturer of Multifoil insulation on the market. We have produced the world’s highest performing multifoil insulation in SF60, and also the highest performing breathable multifoil range with our ‘BB’ range. 

We have a wide range of distributors based over the UK, Ireland & Europe, meaning that SuperFOIL is always available when you need it.  

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The Benefits of Choosing SuperFOIL

Not All Foils Are Created Equal...

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Personalised Solutions

You will receive personalised solutions that have been calculated for YOU. Our experts will never reuse calculations. Your project is unique, so your calculations should be too!

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Receive Expert Advice

Our technical team are highly trained to be able to handle even the most difficult questions received. When dealing with us, you can rest assured that the information you are receiving is correct.

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Completely Free

Our services are completely free of charge and with no obligations. Whether you request 1 U-value calculation or 100, you can feel confident that you will not be forced into a sales pitch.

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We're Here For You...

Whether you are in the beginning stages of planning your project, or at the point of installation. Architect, Builder, or DIYer, we are here to help! The SuperFOIL team is available to answer any questions to get you to where you need to be!

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We Go The Extra Mile

We know that the risk of condensation is a worry when it comes to installing insulation. So we include a condensation risk analysis for your project with your U-value calculations for that added peace of mind.

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Roof Installations

Yes you can! All SuperFOIL products can be placed over or under the rafters depending on the needs of your project. 

We have even designed a fully breathable range of products designed specifically for this purpose! SuperFOIL SF19BB and SF40BB are a fully breathable & high performance insulation, meaning that you only have to install one product !

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Wall Installations

SuperFOIL can be installed in any wall type, whether solid or cavity. Our handy application guides will show you just how simple SuperFOIL really is to install!

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Floor Installations

SuperFOIL SFUF has been designed specifically for this purpose! The top layer of SFUF is made from polythene which protects the insulation from the screed.

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