What Size Battens are Right for SuperFOIL Products?

Battens are a key part of any buildup structure. It’s important to choose the right timber batten size, particularly in terms of width and depth, because those factors determine whether the batten is a suitable anchor to hold the insulation in place. This is important to ensure the level of thermal performance and airtightness that SuperFOIL products are capable of. But that’s not all… 

Battens are also crucial in determining the depth of the air space! As we have mentioned before, for reflective insulation to perform at its best, it needs to be installed with an appropriate air gap on one, or in some cases, both sides of the product. Battens are what create this much needed air space in the build-up. This means, by choosing the correct sized battens, you create the correct air gaps, contributing to a thermally efficient, airtight, and durable insulation system. If you are interested in learning more about how air gaps can maximise SuperFOIL’s performance, read more here.

Another reason why you want the right-sized battens is that compressed multifoil will expand over time after the installation, and the right batten size will allow room for that expansion (that way the battens won’t break from the pressure of compressed multifoils either) while still maintaining the necessary air gaps. When our multifoils are installed properly, they can reflect up to 97% of heat back to its source, keeping your property warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Batten Size Guidelines 

As you now know, achieving the required air space for different SuperFOIL products requires different batten sizes. For products up to 45mm in thickness, the recommended batten size is 38mm x 50mm. For multifoil products up to 75mm in thickness, the recommended size is 50mm x 50mm, and for products up to 100mm in thickness, the recommended size is 63mm x 50mm.

Refer to the table below to learn the specific batten size requirements for SuperFOIL products:

Batten Size Chart for SuperFOIL Insulation Products


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