Can SuperFOIL SFUF be Used as Under Carpet Insulation?

Are you considering cost-effective ways to improve your floor insulation? Look no further – SuperFOIL SFUF is your answer! In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits and versatility of using SuperFOIL SFUF as your under carpet insulation.

How Does Under Carpet Insulation Work?

Under carpet insulation works by creating a thermal layer between the floor and the carpet, acting as carpet underlay to minimise draughts, making it easier to retain heat within your home. This insulation method effectively serves as a barrier, reducing heat transfer between the floor and the room. It is suitable for various flooring types, including solid, laminated, and timber, keeping your property warm in winter and cool in summer. 

What are the Benefits of Adding Insulation Under Your Carpet?

1. Energy Efficiency and Reduced Bills

Up to 15% of energy loss in a property occurs via uninsulated floors. Adding insulation under your carpet significantly minimises such heat loss and helps your property warm up faster with much less heat from the heating systems. By reducing heating demands, under carpet insulation makes your home thermally efficient and more cost-effective to heat.

2. EPC Rating Improvement

Enhancing insulation under your carpet positively impacts your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating. This means the room requires much less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature, resulting in lower heating costs. While improving the EPC rating solely through under carpet insulation is not possible, enhancing the thermal efficiency of your floors is a great step towards reducing energy consumption and improving overall thermal efficiency.

3. Minimises Condensation and Draughts

Another major advantage of under carpet insulation is its ability to reduce mould, rot and odour build-up. The insulation keeps your carpets and flooring moisture free and dry, preventing the chances of  mould growth. If you have timber flooring, using insulation as an underlay is particularly beneficial to stop rising damp, moisture ingress, and structural damage to your timbers. 

4. Soundproofing

Insulating under the carpets not only keeps your floors and room warm and comfortable but also helps minimise noise levels and sound proof your property. 

SuperFOIL SFUF – the Perfect Carpet Underlay

SuperFOIL SFUF is the thinnest, high performing and affordable solution to be used as a carpet underlay when you are working on  a budget. SFUF is a versatile insulation solution with a 0.8 R value when used in roofs, walls and floors, or other locations. Due to its specific design, SFUF is the only product that doesn’t require an air gap while installing compared to all the other SuperFOIL products.

While you can benefit from using superFOIL under carpets to act as an underlay as well as insulation, it is not a rigid product. This is why you may require a rigid layer on top to prevent the boards from over flexing. But once you have installed SFUF, it will ensure your floors are comfortable, insulated, and soundproofed. 

With 13 layers of reflective foil, thermo foam separation layers, and a PE layer, SFUF reflects radiant energy back into the room, contributing to air tightness and improved thermal efficiency. When installed correctly, SFUF’s multifunctional layer design reduces impact noise levels by up to an estimated 22dB and provides sound insulation to your property.
With an in-built vapour control layer, SFUF has a water vapour resistance of 1200MNs/g and efficiently resists the passage of moisture to keep away condensation, moisture penetration, damp and protects your carpets and floors from damage.

SFUF is also ideal for insulating underfloor radiant heating pipes and has grid marking to assist with laying of underfloor pipes. With a thickness of 6mm, a width of 1.5m, and a length of 8m, SFUF offers a thin, easy-to-install, and cost-effective option to meet or improve U-Values in both new build, renovation, and retrofit projects.

SuperFOIL’s highly reflective surface, multilayer structure and high vapour resistance property make it a standout choice for various floor types, ensuring an airtight and condensation free finish.

Talk to a SuperFOIL Expert

If you are unsure whether this is the best approach to insulate your floors, our team of insulation experts are always ready to help. 

By selecting SuperFOIL, you not only get a state-of-the-art insulation product but also gain access to our team of technical experts with over 26 years of industry experience. They are available to assist you with build-up solutions, U-value calculations, condensation risk analysis, or even a free discovery session to address any queries you or your building inspector may have. All our services are entirely free of charge, and our experts are here to ensure you achieve the best results.

Additionally, you can take a look at our case studies page to see how SuperFOIL SFUF helped this DIY project achieve the best result: https://www.superfoil.co.uk/case-study/making-a-house-a-home/


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