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One Hyde Park, owned by CPC Group, is a high-end residential and retail park situated in Knightsbridge, London.  Due to the nature and standard of the construction, developers required the highest quality tools, equipment and materials to construct the building.

Innovative and ambitious, this project demanded the most out of every material used. The floor build-ups needed to be kept to a minimum thickness to deliver the sleek design envisioned by the architect.  SuperFOIL was approached during the project to supply underfloor insulation throughout the building. 

Construction began in 2007 and was completed in 2009 – the interior fitting of the building began in April of the same year.

In August 2010, the development made headlines when a penthouse in the development was sold for £140million, making One Hyde Park the home of the most expensive residential property in the UK.


Innovative and ambitious, this project demanded the most out of every material used. The ambition was to keep the design lines sleek, elegant and spacious, while still achieving the required high thermal performance expected in in a modern prestigious development in the heart of London.

Insulating the floors introduced another level of complexity and so the search for something that was up to the challenge began.




After meeting with developers, our experts concluded that SuperFOIL SFUF would be the most practical and efficient solution to the project. With a slim profile of just 6mm and R value of 0.8, SFUF gives a great solution where floor depths are limited.

Multi foil insulation offers additional benefits over more traditional types of insulation. Because SuperFOIL consists of multiple layers of radiant barrier foil, it is able to protect against heat loss through radiation that non-foil insulation’s offer no protection against. 

Managing Director of Superfoil Insulation, William Bown said:

“With our line of high performance multi-foil insulation, SuperFOIL is well suited for high-profile, high-quality projects. One Hyde Park is an incredible building and I’m glad that we were able to provide underfloor insulation which surpassed the clients’ expectations. The product was easily applied and its narrow thickness and its ability to reflect radiant heat meant it was perfect for this project.”

SFUF has a slightly different build-up to our typical roof / wall products in that it doesn’t include layers of wadding, this makes it much slimmer and less compressible, making it an ideal combination for solid floor applications. Unlike our other products, SFUF is also typically installed with no air gaps which, again, contributes to its slim profile.

The top layer of SFUF is a polythene membrane which provides protection allowing it to be screeded onto directly with no need for additional layers to be installed. This also makes SFUF ideal for use with underfloor heating systems. 

The application of SuperFOIL SFUF was a success and the building was finished in 2010. Starting at £20million, One Hyde Park residential properties began selling soon after the completion of the complex.

SuperFOIL SFUF provided a solution to achieve a high level of thermal performance in this prestigious development.  SFUF has an impressive thermal r-value achieving excellent performance in a minimal amount of space.