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Cameron Balloons – Around The World Attempt

World Record ‘Round the World’ Balloon Trip thanks to the high strength and versatility of SuperFOIL SFTV

The Project

This enormous 10 story balloon made by the worlds leading balloon manufacturer , Cameron Balloons, is made using SFTV This is our Reflective Thermal VCL used in thousands of homes and building projects all over the UK and EU, it was chosen for this successful round the world record attempt for its incredible strength and reflective properties. This was needed to withstand the extreme temperatures, altitudes and wind speed in excess of 200 kph the balloon was subjected to.

Product : SuperFOIL SFTV & SFTV 2mm

Main Contractor : Cameron Balloons

Client : Fedor Konyukhov

New World Record : 11d 5h 32m

SFTV 2m is our laminate flooring membrane, and was used by Cameron Ballons where extra thermal performance was required. This one balloon consumed the equivalent of the VCL used in 150 starter homes.

SFTV is extensively used in the SuperFOIL range including SF60 the world’s highest performance Multilayer foil.

SuperFOIL’s un-matched performance was recognized as essential to the success of this new world record!

In the history of aviation, only three balloons, have ever completed this round-the-world flight successfully, ALL, have been built by Cameron Balloons, Bristol, UK.