Multifoil: the eco-friendly future for house insulation

In an era where sustainable living takes priority, finding effective eco-friendly solutions for home insulation can be difficult.

When it comes to houses, insulation is everything. You might think that the main role of insulation is simply to keep a home comfortable and prevent heat loss, but there are many problems that can arise from having an uninsulated home.

Ineffective insulation can lead to condensation, mould and associated health problems – but there is much more at stake.

Insulation also plays a huge part in the carbon footprint of a building, and as the UK strives to reach net zero by 2050, effective insulation is crucial for reducing carbon emissions and making sure UK homes are fit for the future.

With a commitment to sustainable manufacturing, SuperFOIL has developed the ultimate modern solution for insulating both modern and period houses: multifoil.  

The modern insulation solution

Space-saving, cost-effective and easy to install, multifoil offers a modern and eco-friendly solution to house insulation. With exceptional thermal performance and cutting-edge technology, multifoil can shrink the carbon footprint of a home and reduce the amount of energy needed to maintain comfortable temperatures.

While foam insulation, mineral wool and insulation boards were common forms of house insulation, multifoil is an innovative solution that is fast becoming known as the modern approach to energy efficiency.

SuperFOIL multifoil offers compact, high-performance insulation that is versatile enough to be used in walls, floors and roofs. Quick and easy to install with no need for specialist tools, multifoil makes it easy for installers to provide energy efficiency and lower customers’ energy bills.

Maximum performance in a space-saving product

SuperFOIL insulation is designed to reduce the need for excess materials to be used as house insulation. With an innovative 3-in-1 design, our multifoil provides insulation, a radiant barrier and vapour control barrier or breather membrane to reduce to reduce the risk of condensation and mould – all in one product!

Multifoil also packs a punch – it is incredibly effective in just a single sheet, so additional vapour control or breather products are not needed. Because of the highly effective design of this insulation material, one truck of SuperFOIL currently will insulate the same number of homes as six trucks of PIR, reducing emissions created through transportation.

SuperFOIL’s commitment to sustainability

At SuperFOIL, we have always placed a huge amount of emphasis on sustainability and we take care to lower the carbon footprint of our products.

With the help of recovery partners Mid UK Recycling and ShredMaster, we are proud to send zero waste to landfill. Instead, it is either recycled or used to power the national grid. Our multifoil can also be recycled at the end of its 50+ year lifespan!  

To date, through our partnership with Ecologi, we’ve also funded the planting of over 8,000 trees and avoided 603 tonnes of co2.

Maximum performance, minimum carbon footprint

Whether used alone or in combination with other insulation types, SuperFOIL multifoil is the future of house insulation.

Not only does our multifoil help to lower the carbon cost of the built environment by improving thermal efficiency, but we have also made sustainability a cornerstone of all we do here at SuperFOIL. You can find out more about our sustainability initiatives on our website, and explore the different types of multifoil that can be used as house insulation.

For a free quote or advice on the best multifoil for your next project, please get in touch by calling 01636 639900 or emailing [email protected] .


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