Introducing our newest team members

It’s an exciting time at SuperFOIL HQ, where we’ve scaled up UK manufacturing and also taken on 13 new members of the team.

With people across the country getting used to working from home, or wanting to make their homes more comfortable and energy efficient, we’ve been selling record quantities of our DIY targeted products in recent months. This includes our Rad-Pack radiator reflectors, Garage Door Insulation Kits and Multi-Purpose Foil insulation.

Demand for these products, along with our high performing foil insulation for the construction trade, has helped us invest in our future, creating new jobs and new opportunities.

The new team members taken on by SuperFOIL Insulation this year include:

  • Retail Manager / Business Development Manager, Will Fox
  • Accountant, Mark Longstaff
  • Production Supervisor, Andrew Sears
  • Marketing Executive, Emily Gallafent
  • Shipping & Logistics Administrators, Steve Thornally & Michaela Tasker
  • Logistics Manager, Chris Lamont
  • Production Operatives, AJ Wallhead, Zach Martin, Kev Newport & Harry Smith
  • Technical Team Assistant, Ben Priestly
  • Digital Marketing Executive, Rob Hickie

We’re really pleased to have welcomed each of them to the team, and we’ll be recruiting more talented people soon.

A boost for UK manufacturing

With this growth in sales, we’ve also been able to invest in improving the way we work. Already, all of our products are made with up to 40% recycled materials, but now we’re scaling up the amount of product we manufacture here in the UK.

We now produce more than 250,000m² of product at our headquarters in Lincoln and we’re on track to double this over the next year. Within a few years, we aim to increase that to a whopping 2,000,000m² of insulation per year.

Of course, our international supply chain partners are very valuable to us and they do great work on our behalf, but we’re very proud to be supporting more jobs in our local area and supporting our local economy and communities now and into the future.

William Bown

Managing Director of SuperFOIL Insulation, William Bown said:

“We’ve always wanted to be manufacturing our products in the UK, but while the company was in its infancy, that wasn’t possible until we were able to grow large enough to do it efficiently, safely and sustainably.

“After a series of record years for the business, and after moving to a larger facility in Lincoln, we’ve been able to realise this ambition, creating lots of new jobs here in my hometown.

“We now manufacture approx 250,000 square metres of our insulation here in Lincoln, supplying product to major construction wholesalers as well as well known DIY consumer retailers including The Range and Yorkshire Trading Company. Our products are now also available from Wickes and we sell directly from our own website as well as through Amazon.

“When we came to Lincoln in 2019, we had 18 people on our team. Now, we have 31 and we’re still growing. We’ve supplied insulation for some amazing projects including new hospitals, London Underground stations, affordable housing projects, luxury apartments, restorations, and even a round-the-world hot air balloon and now we’re seeing rapid growth in sales of our easy-to-install DIY products.

“It’s amazing to think how far we’ve come in the last few years and I’m really proud that we’re playing a part in revitalising manufacturing in the UK, creating so many jobs and careers at our headquarters in Lincoln.”

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