Internal Timber Frame Wall Applications

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SuperFOIL is the perfect insulation for your internal timber frame wall applications. Fixed directly to the stud work using a continuous installation method, SuperFOIL can then be covered with your chosen internal finish.

When using SuperFOIL, you save space, time and money with our 3 in 1 product design.  With no need for installing separate vapour control layers, insulating your home can be achieved quickly and without hassle.

Installing SuperFOIL requires no specialist tools or equipment, and our insulation contains no nasty irritants, meaning you don’t need to worry about protective clothing either.

External Timber Frame Wall Applications

With a wide range of SuperFOIL products, we have the perfect insulation solution for your external timber frame walls.
With a choice of breathable insulation, or a vapour control layer, our 3 in 1 products can help save you space time and money on your installation.

SuperFOIL is simply fixed into place onto your stud work using staples, and then your chosen external finish fixed over. Insulating your home is really that simple.

With no irritants in our products, there is no need for any protective equipment or special tools for installation!

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