SuperFOIL Insulation Announces £500k Investment in its UK Expansion for Multifoil Production

SuperFOIL is proud to announce our latest investment in an in-house multifoil machine technology, marking one of the most significant periods of expansion in the company’s history.

Innovation is at the core of SuperFOIL Insulation’s values. Over the years, our dedicated efforts have focused on three key areas: improving our products, building an experienced team, and investing in high-tech machinery. Undoubtedly, these efforts have played a significant role in the creation of some of the top-performing multifoil solutions available in the market today. About 26 years later, SuperFOIL continues to evolve and improve, ensuring the highest standards in production quality and customer satisfaction.

With a purpose to help people create happier, healthier, more sustainable lives, we have invested over £500,000 in our latest custom-designed and engineered multifoil production machine. This officially marks our latest upgrade to SuperFOIL’s production facilities in the last three years, following record sales to retailers like Aldi, Travis Perkins, ScrewFix, and others, coupled with a growing demand for our DIY range.

The machine is truly British made, designed and engineered in Nottingham and built in Lincolnshire. It enables us to manufacture multiple variations of our multifoil and breathable insulation products, including SF6, SF19+, SF40, SF60, SF19BB, and SF40BB. It is designed and facilitated to be easily reprogrammed, allowing us to produce new variations as we develop our ranges further.

This state-of-the-art technology brings our entire production process in-house to our UK headquarters (Lincolnshire), ensuring rigorous quality checks, product testing, and certification. The machine’s design is inherently digital, enabling us to quickly set up and switch between different products. Selecting a different computer program is all it takes to adapt to a new product, eliminating the need for extensive physical adjustments.

Manufacturing multifoil insulation is a labour-intensive process. Prior to this investment, our manual multifoil roll production could achieve a maximum of 250 rolls per week. Today, the machine’s estimated daily output is an impressive 400 rolls, marking an estimated eight-fold growth in our production capacity!

As we aim to scale-up our production capabilities, the new technology will help us manufacture raw materials in the UK. This means, while bringing our entire production line to the UK, we are able to implement strict standards for in-house quality control, waste management, and emission reduction.

These upgrades not only enhance our business but also contribute to our goal of making high-performance insulation more widely available. “Our priorities include using local raw materials, producing quality and sustainable products, supporting local businesses, and generating more job opportunities as we enhance our production capabilities” – William Bown, CEO at SuperFOIL Insulation.

Leveraging this technology, we are better equipped than ever to serve our customers, meet the industry’s demands, and make a positive impact on the environment. 

Fun fact: There are 200 x 30m long cables connected to the machine, which equals around 4 miles of cabling…


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