SuperFOIL Achieves LABC Approval on Three Products

SuperFOIL Insulation is proud to announce that our Multi Foil and Radiant Barrier Insulation products have been awarded LABC Assured status. 

Multi Foil Insulation products, SF60 and SF19+, and Radiant Barrier Insulation product, SFTV, are the latest products to achieve the LABC Assured Status.

We now have five products approved by the body which includes our entire multi foil range.

LABC Assured logo for SuperFOIL Insulation

Our LABC Assured products include:

  • SF19 40mm multi foil insulation
  • SF19+ 45mm multi foil insulation
  • SF40 65mm multi foil insulation
  • SF60 100mm multi foil insulation
  • SFTV radiant barrier insulation

LABC represents all local authority building control teams in England and Wales. LABC Assured is a one-off certification process proving compliance with building regulations and standards. The accreditation means that local authorities can use SuperFOIL products with confidence, knowing their performance and suitability has been rigorously checked and approved.

SF60, one of the three products to be recognised, is the highest performing multi foil insulation in the world. A single 100mm sheet has an R value of 4.48 when used in a roof- the same thermal resistance as 200mm of standard glass wool insulation. 

Another of the products to be recognised, SFTV, was used in a world record ‘Round the World’ balloon trip run by Cameron Balloons. The ten storey hot air balloon, which was made entirely with the SuperFOIL product, completed a round-the-world flight in 11 days. The team chose SFTV for its incredible strength and reflective properties. Able to withstand the extreme temperatures, altitudes and wind speeds that the balloon was subjected to, SFTV was perfect for the task. 

Getting this further accreditation is great news for SuperFOIL- we want to make sure that our customers always feel confident that they’re getting the best product on the market, and getting this accreditation will assure that.

If you would like any additional information about LABC Assured or have a question you need help with, then contact our technical team on 01636 556733 or email [email protected]


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