Energy Efficient Retrofit Insulation

Retrofit insulation for energy efficiency

Energy Efficient Retrofit Insulation

With the wide range of roof designs in the UK and an ever growing desire to be more energy efficient, the need for a versatile insulation solution that achieves high performance whilst being easily retrofit has never been higher.  To achieve this the insulation must be high performance, lightweight and easily conform to the varying shapes & sizes present in many older buildings.

When looking at older buildings one of the main issues people come across is that the rafters are unevenly spaced, warped , generally inconsistent and most importantly not very deep. This makes using insulation between rafters very problematic as cutting to size neatly become very difficult if not impossible and even if you do manage to install effectively the rafters are generally very small meaning the amount of insulation you can install is limited anyway. This is especially true of houses that have a non breathable felt installed over rafters as a 50mm ventilation gap will be required to minimize the risk of condensation which may only leave you with room for 20mm of traditional types of insulation.

To avoid this issue you can install your insulation as a continuous layer either above or below rafter, this makes installation much quicker & easier as well as more energy efficient. By Installing as a continuous layer not only do you avoid issues with the rafters non-conformity but you also avoid the cold bridging created by the rafters. Rafters at 400ctrs can reduce the performance of insulation fitted between them by up to 15%.

The easiest way to achieve this is to use a multi foil insulation such as SuperFOIL. SuperFOIL offer the widest range of multi foil insulations on the market so you can be sure there is a product that suits your requirements. Where you plan to install and the performance level your looking to achieve will determine which product best suits your needs.

SuperFOIL are able to offer a wide range of solutions to meet any U-value requirement for walls, roofs & floors

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