Easy Tips for Installing Foil Insulation the Right Way

When it comes to installing foil insulation, you generally have 2 options. You can either invest money and have the experts do it for you, or you can install it on your own. While the latter might seem daunting, it’s important to understand that with proper knowledge and experience, it’s actually not that difficult, provided you choose the right products.

For instance, the insulation we offer is very easy to handle, so you will have no trouble installing it on your own. You won’t even have to worry about protective equipment like you normally would when installing traditional insulations, as our products are non-hazardous. 

The only thing you have to check  is ensuring that the project you are considering is in compliance with the local building control.

So then, let’s take a look at what steps you must take when installing foil insulation on pitched roofing systems and walls.

A guide for installing foil insulation over the raftersinstalling foil insulation

It’s up to you whether you want to apply the foil insulation on the rafters in a horizontal or vertical manner. If you choose the former, we recommend you start out from the bottom and work your way up by ensuring the insulation overlaps at each junction it meets. However, if you

install it vertically, be sure to start from a high point and roll the insulation down.

When installing foil insulation, you must use a quality stapler. Remember to apply a decent amount of tension when stapling, and to do it at 50 to 100 mm intervals. After you are done, cut to adjust the length and get ready to work the next layer.

Also, when you overlap the joints, be sure to keep it to a 50 mm lap. Pay close attention to where the joint crosses the rafter and staple onto the rafter. Afterwards, we recommend you use our SuperFOIL tape to seal all the joints.

One thing you must keep in mind is to always trim the foil insulation around the rafters at the eaves. Afterwards, use the tape to seal it to the wall plate. Moreover, if you happen to notice any tears or cuts, use the tape to cover them.

Next, you will need to ensure there is proper air space, so you will have to install a batten. What comes next is installing a breather membrane on the batten, followed by tile batten and tiles.

One last aspect to keep in mind is to add a vapour check control layer behind the plasterboard. This is recommended when installing foil insulation over the rafters because it helps reduce the risk of interstitial condensation.

Installing foil insulation on new-build or retrofit walls.

SuperFOIL insulation can be installed in numerous places in your home, walls included. You start by applying battens in a horizontal or vertical manner on walls. The size of the battens depends on the foil insulation you use. Next, you must apply the foil following the same direction you applied the battens.

Just like you would do on a pitched roof, you start from the bottom and go up if you install horizontally, or start high and roll down if you install vertically. Apply tension when stapling the insulation to the battens at intervals of 50 to 100 mm. When you finish with one layer, cut the to the length and start with the next. Once again, when the joints cross the batten, staple the joints. Be sure to maintain a distance of 50 mm when overlapping the joints.

Always let the product overlap at the floor and ceiling to allow for a good seal. Once that is done, fix with a batten. Remember to also add the battens around the window reveals.

Once again, if you notice any cuts or tears, use the SuperFOIL tape to fix them. Make sure you do this before fixing the external surface to the battens.

If installing externally, it is recommended to install a secondary rain barrier such as a breathable membrane as close to the external finish as possible. Of course, if you choose our SuperFOIL SF19BB, you won’t have to deal with any breathable membrane layers, as this product provides ample insulation and breathable materials in one high-quality layer.

Looking for high quality foil insulation for your home?

Then we recommend you take the time to look over our products and see which ones would best suit your needs. Don’t forget to get in touch with us if you want to ask us something specific about installing foil insulation and other related topics.


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