Pitched Roof Installation: What You Need to Know

Close up of wavy roof tiles

We all know that roofs are an essential part of any building, so choosing the right type is really important. A roof protects the property’s inhabitants from external conditions, and a properly fitted roof can be the make or break factor to achieve a well-insulated property. Drainage is a massive factor of roofing, and an…

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Vapour Control: Everything you Need to Know

Attic Wall with Multifoil Insulation

Insulation is such an essential part of building work, but to the average person not working in the trade, the mention of vapour control might be confusing and seem like jargon they can’t understand. The main aim of vapour control is simple, to stop condensation. It’s installed within your home to prevent moisture from getting…

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Which Insulation Is Best For The Attic?

Cutting And Laying Attic Insulation

Of course, you need attic insulation; that much is a given. So much energy can escape through the empty space at the top of your home, so while it may seem trivial, fitting efficient attic insulation is arguably as important as securing hefty floor insulation. At SuperFoil, we’re confident that you don’t want to spend…

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