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Archive for January 2016

SF40 Foil Insulation – Customer Review

SF40 Roof Installation

Project manager Nick who has been using our SF40 Foil insulation for his current build had nothing but positive things to say about his install so far: “I’ve just taken delivery of the SF40 for the second phase of our extension. I have to say I am very impressed with the product, it was so much nicer to…

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Police stations, holiday lets & SuperFOIL SF40

Police stations, holiday lets & SuperFOIL SF40

Caroline from Wales is an enthusiastic lover of buildings and history, she is now converting an actual historic early ”Police Station”, cells and all into a holiday let, she is using SuperFOIL SF40 to achieve high performance and ease of installation to turn what used to be a cold and unwelcoming night’s stay into a cosy retreat for…

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4 Ways You Can Improve Energy Savings This Year

improve energy savings

Energy bills. You know they’re coming, but somehow they always catch you off-guard. The worst part is looking at the numbers and thinking “That can’t be right”. Even though it feels like you’re not using that much energy, the bills go up, adding up to your monthly expenses. It’s not an uncommon situation. Fortunately, there…

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Warm roof insulation 0.18U – SuperFOIL Insulation’s

Warm roof insulation 0.18U

This months focus – Pitched roof insulation to achieve a 0.18U Our Third solution in the series is a warm roof insulation detail, ideal for the renovation or conversion projects that involve replacing the roofing tiles. The build-up features SuperFOIL SF19BB applied across the top of the rafters, counter batten and only 80mm of High Density Rigid Foam insulation…

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SuperFOIL – The Builder Preferred Insulation

Builder Preferred Insulation

Pat an Architect in the Twickenham area specified SF40 in a project which went so smoothly his first choice for insulation now is SuperFOIL. ”The builders loved it” he said. Pat told us the builders usually will leave traditional insulation until last because they hate working with it, but they went straight to the SuperFOIL and installed it…

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SF40 FOIL Insulation Unrivalled Performance

SF40 unrivalled foil insulation

This client in Dalkeith, Midlothian was in search of a clean insulation upgrade solution for his 100yr old house. He turned to the experts at Donaldson’s Insulation near Glasgow who recommended our SF40 foil insulation. Because it was being retrofitted and he was living in the house, he wanted to use as little traditional rigid foam insulation as possible because of…

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