Winter is Coming: Preparing Your Home for the Colder Months

Winter is Coming: Preparing Your Home for the Colder Months

When it comes to home maintenance, it’s important to spot any potential issues before they cause problems, so before the full-force of winter hits, there are some preparations that’ll need to be done around the home. Winter is an expensive season for energy bills, but carrying out a

few simple maintenance tasks can make your home more energy efficient and reduce your bills. With areas such as Newark and the rest of Nottingham area getting snow in the last couple of years, here are some tips to get your property ready for the worst of the weather.

Check your insulation

While insulation is designed to last many years, the product you installed years ago may not be up to modern standards. Good insulation has many benefits in the winter, from keeping heat inside the home to vapour control, and products such as super foil insulation can help your home become more energy efficient. Some other advantages of this type of insulation include:

  • Easy installation
  • Various thicknesses available
  • Can be used in the roof, walls, or floors
  • Reduces solar gain in summer, so is a good investment year-round
  • Long life expectancy

Check for draughts

Even a small draught can make your home feel chilly, which often leads to people turning up their heating. Draught-proofing your home can save you money, as your home can be kept warm at a lower temperature, so you save money. Draughts are usually not difficult to fix, whether it’s by adding insulation or using a draught excluder.

Maintain your roof

Your roof is perhaps the most important protection for your home in the winter, therefore good maintenance is essential. Even a couple of missing tiles can let in damp and draughts, which can mean a costly repair bill or further damage. Have your roof inspected regularly, which should include an exterior check, as well as looking at the interior and roof insulationEven small jobs such as cleaning out your gutters can make a big difference to protecting your roof.  If problems are caught early, then there’s less of a chance you’ll need an emergency roofer during bad weather.

With around a quarter of heat-loss occurring through the roof, ensuring it’s insulated and draught-free is one of the best ways to keep your home cosy during the colder months. The winter weather in Newark and the surrounding areas can be unpredictable in winter, so it’s best to prepare for snow and ice just in case.

Check your central heating settings

There is a myth that keeping the heating on all-day is cheaper, as it means your home doesn’t cool down. However, this has been shown to be incorrect, and it’s more efficient to put your heating on a timer for when it’s needed, for example, when you wake in the morning. If your home is properly insulated, then heat will stay inside the house for longer, meaning there’s no need to run it 24/7, so you save money.

If you’re preparing your home for winter, then SuperFOIL Insulation have a range of products that can help. Based at Black Horse Farm, Main Street, Norwell, Newark, NG23 6JN, they can offer advice on your insulation needs. Simply call 01636 639900 today.


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