What does the Government insulation scheme mean for me?

You may have seen that the Government launched a new insulation scheme this spring, as part of its new target to reduce energy demand by 15% by 2030. In this blog, we will look at the insulation scheme, what it means for you, and whether it includes multifoil insulation.

What is the new Government insulation scheme?

You may have heard of an existing Government scheme, ECO4, which is aimed at providing a package of energy-saving solutions for those most in need of support, such as those classed as fuel poor, on low incomes or living in social housing. The new scheme launched this spring, ECO+, intends for up to 80% of the £1billion project to help a more varied range of recipients with the drastic increases to energy bills and cost of living crisis.

The insulation scheme doesn’t just mean receiving free insulation; £18million is also being spent on sharing advice with the public on how to optimise energy expenditure, consequently saving money on your bills.

What does this mean for me?

The new ECO+ government-backed insulation scheme will see many of those that were previously ineligible for support, now eligible to receive new home insulation, subsequently saving circa £310 per household per annum.

This means that, if your property is in Council Tax bands A-D in England, A-E in Scotland or A-E in Wales, with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of D or below, you may be able to receive one single Government-funded insulation measure. You may, however, need to make a contribution towards the installation cost. You will also be eligible if you are classed as vulnerable.

If you do fit the bill (!), your property will be assessed by an installer to decide which type of insulation measure you will receive through the scheme.

You can find out more about your eligibility for the scheme here.

Does the insulation scheme include multifoil insulation?

Yes! The good news is that – if you are classed as eligible to receive Government-backed support – we have signed up as part of the scheme to provide our SuperFOIL multifoil insulation products, to help support with the ever-increasing energy costs. So if SuperFOIL is deemed a suitable solution for your property’s energy efficiency needs thanks to its high thermal performance, we can provide our insulation to you under Government support.

Sustainable multifoil insulation for any UK application

SuperFOIL will ultimately save you space, time and money on your project, and can be used for any application, including loft conversions, roof insulation, behind a radiator or under flooring, as well as with other insulation products. Combining reflective multifoil insulation with traditional methods such as PIR board or glass wool can help to achieve your desired U-value, meeting with Building Regulations and the latest industry standards.

Our breathable thermal insulation has a 3-in-1 design, which includes vapour control and a radiant barrier layer, as well as having traditional insulation properties, and is easy to install with reduced labour time and nothing but scissors required to cut through the reflective foil.

For your personalised recommendation, quote, or to find out more about the benefits of our high performance multi-layer foil insulation, email or call us now on 01636 556779.

You can also request free sample insulation kits to experience our products first-hand, or use our personalised U-value calculator.


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