What Are the Advantages of Thin Multifoil Insulation?

Advantages of thin multifoil insulation

thin multi foil insulationMany house owners decide to insulate their home because it won’t only maximize the comfort of the residence they live in, but it will also make a difference in how the property will hold it’s value overtime.

The number one reason why people choose thin multifoil insulation is because of its performance against heat loss through floors, roofs and walls.

If you’re interested in insulating your home and you want to find out more about the advantages of this type of insulation, then keep on reading.



The advantages of thin multifoil insulation

Thermal comfort

Did you know that the average heat loss for a residence is 30% for the roof, 25% for the walls, about 7% for the floor and approximately 13% for windows and external doors? That’s a lot of place’s to lose heat from!

Luckily, thin multifoil insulation helps reduce this heat loss. So, during a freezing cold winter, your home will stay warm and cozy.

The thermal comfort advantage applies for those hot summer days as well. In full and direct sunlight, your roof temperature can reach up to 65 °C. The thermal radiation that comes from the roof will inevitably impact your home’s room temperature.

Summer days can become quite unpleasant if the temperature inside your house gets pretty high, especially when you don’t have air conditioning.

Foil Insulation forms an effective radiant barrier to reflect much of that heat away from your living space helping to keep your home cooler in the summer.


Save energy

This advantage is directly related to the first one. Because thin multifoil insulation reduces heat loss. It takes less energy to heat your home and keep it warm and cozy.

The same principle can be applied to the summer months, by reducing the amount of heat transfer from solar gain your cooling systems will have a much easier job maintaining a comfortable temperature. We all know that heating and air conditioning systems are not very energy-efficient.

High performance

As the title implies, SuperFOIL insulations are a high performance solution, this means you can achieve the same levels of performance in a much slimmer profile compared to using traditional types of insulation.this insulation is three to even five times thinner than your traditional insulation, which can be quite thick. But that doesn’t mean it’s not as effective.

SuperFOIL produce SF60,  the highest performance multi foil insulation in the world, making us the top choice when considering foil  insulation.

Thin multifoil insulation is used in space missions, so you can rest assured that it will do its job.

Easy to install

You may not know this, but multifoil insulation is actually really easy to install and transport. You don’t have to be an engineer to know how to install foil insulation. This is because multi foil insulation is very light and versatile compared to traditional insulations and does not create a lots of dust or require special protective equipment or breathing protection.

Save space

Because the insulation is so thin, you can even use it in places where the space is pretty limited. If you live in a small apartment or converting a loft that needs to be insulated, then multifoil insulation is the way to go.

Your little place will be warm without requiring you to sacrifice significant space.

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