Week 17 – Flat Roof Insulation 0.18 – SuperFOIL Solutions

This Month’s Solutions will focus on Flat Roof Insulation to achieve a u-value of 0.18

Flat Roof Insulation - Week 17

Our first flat roof insulation solution in the series is suitable most joist sizes. The solution starts off with a layer of SuperFOIL’s high performance SF40 insulation installed across the top of your joists with a cross batten / firrings to hold it in place. On top of this you will have a 18mm ply followed by a single ply membrane (using a single ply membrane will reduce the need for additional ventilation). To compliment the SuperFOIL SF40 you can add 45mm of HD foam board between joists, this will bring the overall performance down to a 0.18U value, ideal for renovation or extensions

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Week 17 - Flat Roof Insulation