Week 13 – New Build Timber Frame Insulation U 0.18

This Month’s Solutions will focus on Timber Frame Insulation to achieve a u-value of 0.18

Timber Frame Wall Insulation

Our first new build timber frame insulation solution in this series is a very simple single layer solution. To achieve new build regulation requirements a very high level of insulation and this level of performance is continually being increased with the aim of reducing heating costs & carbon emissions. SuperFOIL have developed the worlds highest performance multi foil insulation SF60 which can meet new build wall insulation regs in just a single layer of insulation. In this example SF60 is stapled to the internal face of the timber frame stud work followed by counter batten & plasterboard. On the external side cladding is show but this solution will work with both brick or cladding finishes.

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Week 13 - new build timber frame insulation

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