The Best Ways to Reduce Heat Loss in Your Home

Many home owners have a common issue, related to heat loss in the winter. This problem occurs even in the most modern of residences. If you live somewhere with harsh winters, you’re probably sick of paying those astronomical electric bills.

If you’re looking to reduce heat loss in your home, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll share some valuable tips that will help you stop wasting energy, and show you how to save money in the long run.

reduce heat loss in your home


1. Insulate the attic, the floor, and the walls

According to the laws of physics, the hot air from your home will rise and will want to escape through the roof. Insulating your attic or your loft is going to prevent that because it will trap the hot air inside.

If you want a warm home in the winter, you not only have to keep the cold air out, but you also want to do as much as possible to keep the hot air in.

Your home is likely to also be losing a lot of heat through the floor, especially if you have a basement. Make sure you insulate the floor as well. This way, you wont get cold feet if you decided to go downstairs without your slippers.

Insulating your walls is important as well because they represent the biggest outer surface of your home, so a lot of heat is lost through them. Insulation is going to prevent air leakage, in turn this means that more heat will remain inside your home.

Insulation is an effective way to reduce heat loss in your home. You should think of it as an investment that will pay off over time.

2. Drapes

Drapes can be stylish, but they can also help you keep the heat inside your home. Try to go with heavier curtains that are in a darker color. Drapes are great for two main reasons.

Firstly, they absorb sunlight, so they warm up the room. Secondly, they block the wind that may blow through the microcracks in your windows.

It’s a cost-efficient option to reduce heat loss. However, it will not help you with other areas in your home that need more attention.

3. Have an efficient heating method

Most people don’t even realize this, but their electric bills are high because their heating system is inefficient and wasting a lot of energy.

If your heating system is poorly programmed or using out of date technology its likely to overheat the house which in turn may cause you to open your windows to cool it back down so your now heating and cooling your home at the same time to make up for your heating systems inadequacies. This is particularly common in houses with only one thermostat, the room the stat in is cool but the rest of the house is warm it will be calling for more heat when the house is already warm enough.

A heating system that provides the perfect temperature for your home and runs efficiently will save you a lot of money on electric bills.


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