SuperFOIL Insulation – Graham’s Conclusion

Graham - Building InsulationGraham is an architect in Cornwall who has discovered the many benefits of specifying SuperFOIL multi-layer foil insulation. He has made use of SuperFOIL’s next generation performance and excellent technical assistance several times and is staunch supporter of the range of products.

A recent project Graham was involved with is a single dwelling in Newquay to be constructed with a concrete block outer skin and a timber frame inner skin. Due to a very expensive land contamination report up to a Phase 3 his clients needed to save money on the build.

Graham talked to the builder and suggested SuperFOIL based on his positive experience with the products. In response, the builder suggested another multi-foil insulation. After investigating the product suggested by the builder and speaking to manufacturer on the phone, Graham’s conclusion was more of this foil was necessary to achieve the same U-value as SuperFOIL, making the other foil product more expensive.

Graham used SF19BB for the walls with mineral wool between the timber frame studs. The SF19BB acted as the breather membrane and insulation combined for the timber frame and the U-value was 0.20. For the roof he used SF40 with 120mm HD Foam Board and achieved a U-value of 0.13.

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week 20 - Hybrid flat roof insulation

U-Value 0.13

SF40 in combination with 120mm HD foam board between joists

Graham - Wall Insulation

U-Value 0.20

SF19BB in combination with 100mm Earthwool between studs










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