• Easy Fit – with simple cut to size indicators

  • Fully Ridged uPVC Cavity Closer

  • Building Regulations Compliant

  • Fully Certified

  • Exceeds Building Regulations Minimal Thermal Resistance

  • Suitable for use in both new build and refurbishments


Two profiles available to fit: 50-100mm cavities & 100-150mm cavities

SuperCLOSE can be Installed In a variety of ways:

  • Tack to window frame if built in.
  • Built-in as work progresses friction fitting.  
  • SuperCLOSE can be installed after the reveal has been constructed by fixing the inner leaf using grab adhesive.

Vertical Jointing

If required, sections of SuperCLOSE can be jointed to minimise waste. 

All joints must be tightly butted - 45 degree downwards the outer leaf.

This will stop potential water penetration.

Corner Jointing

When jointing horizontal to vertical, trim both PVC flanges and allow the vertical to extend below the horizontal - this stops water ingress.

  • One

    Measure the structural opening

2019 detail 01
  • Two

    Cut profile to required length

SuperCLOSE - Multi-width Insulated Cavity Closer - detail 05
  • Three

    Measure the cavity width

  • Four

    Cut the insulation to the required width

  • Five

    Fixed in place with clout nails or grab adhesive

SuperCLOSE - Multi-width Insulated Cavity Closer - detail 06


Insulation WidthLengthThicknessPack QuantityPallet QuantityPack Weight
SC10050 - 100mm2.4m20mm1040010kg
SC150100 - 150mm2.4m20mm1030014kg

Essential Characteristics

PerformanceTechnical Standard
Thermal Conductivity0.034 W/mKEN 13163
Minimum Thermal Resistance0.877m²K/WIP 1/06