SF40 The Versatile Insulation

SF40 - Under Floor Heating Pipe

Paul wanted a good level of insulation in the new extension to his home that he is self building. He is installing underfloor heating, and it’s a difficult combination of new and old. Part of it will be the original house and part of it the new extension. Therefore he wanted to be sure he had a high level of under floor insulation under his underfloor heating pipes and it had to be flexible and easy to adapt.

He also wanted to make most of reflecting the underfloor radiant heat upwards into the home, the radiant barrier that SF40 provides and the air tightness are additional benefits.

The solution; Paul fitted SF40 over his joists, with the Underfloor heating pipe over the SF40. Then he fitted battens to lay the floor on. Now he has a well insulated floor that is air tight and has a radiant barrier. The flexibility of the material made it easy to install and minimised any waste.

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