SF40 FOIL Insulation Unrivalled Performance

Insulation Unrivalled Performance

SF40 Foil InsulationThis client in Dalkeith, Midlothian was in search of a clean insulation upgrade solution for his 100yr old house. He turned to the experts at Donaldson’s Insulation near Glasgow who recommended our SF40 foil insulation. Because it was being retrofitted and he was living in the house, he wanted to use as little traditional rigid foam insulation as possible because of the dust and mess it creates when being installed. The client had already turned down several solutions from multiple insulation manufacturers that did not meet his requirements. Donaldson’s asked SuperFOIL’s free technical help line for a bespoke solution.

The SF40 foil insulation solution provided the customer with a thin, clean solution for his walls and roof that exceeded the requirements of building control and kept his home from becoming a bombarded in foam board dust.

Contact us now to receive free technical advice and let us develop a bespoke solution for your project with the UK’s Highest Performing Multi Foil Insulation SuperFOIL SF40!


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