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Got Chills? Finding and Dealing with Draughts in the Home


It’s great to cosy up at home during the winter months, but a rogue draught can leave you feeling uncomfortable. Draughts aren’t just annoying, they’re also expensive, as most people will simply turn up the heating to cover the chill, leading to higher energy bills. In Newark, in older properties such as Victorian terraced homes,…

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The Best Types of Roof Insulation for Self-Builders

roof insulation

Insulation is one of the main areas you need to take care of when building your home, in part because you have to comply with current building regulations. However, that’s just a part of the overall reason. How much insulation you decide to put in and what type you use can influence the result. According…

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Floor Insulation: What Type Does Your Home Need?

floor insulation

People nowadays don’t understand how floor insulation can benefit their homes. It’s not just a case of preventing cold feet while you’re walking around the house. About one-fourth of the heat in your home is lost because of poor insulation in the floor. But have you considered the consequences of that? In the following paragraphs, we will explain…

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5 Things You Need to Know before Insulating Your House

insulating your house

Insulating your house is a great way of cutting down on costs and keeping the room temperature comfortable. However, there are several things you need to know before going to work. Otherwise, you won’t get the intended results. Here are five crucial factors you have to think over: 1. INSULATING YOUR HOUSE ON YOUR OWN OR…

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Will Brexit Impact the Construction Industry?

construction industry

Since June, the United Kingdom has been in a continual stir. The vote itself was relatively close and there were going to be tensions regardless of the results. The question is if all this will affect the construction industry. The answer, sadly, is that it already has. July 2016 had the fastest overall decline in construction since June…

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How to Choose the Right Insulation – Things to consider

choose the right insulation

It’s becoming hard to choose the right insulation, what with all the different options available. It’s even more challenging when you have to think of how each house is built differently. For example, houses with solid walls are much harder to insulate. We’ve compiled a list of aspects you should watch out for. It will…

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Why Multifoil Insulation is a Popular Choice among Self-Build

multifoil insulation

Building your own home from the ground up is no easy feat. One of the many factors self-builders don’t take into account is insulation. Not only do you have to adhere to regulations but your bills will also be affected. For many self-builders, multifoil insulation is the solution. There are several reasons behind this as…

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3 Aspects Self-Builders Should Consider when Insulating

choosing insulation

Any self-builder will say that working on your home by yourself is very different from having contractors do it. It takes a lot of time and energy, but you’ll save money and probably love the end product a lot more. When choosing insulation, self-builders need to think about more than just the price. Here are…

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Tips For Making Your Roof Energy-Efficient All Year

energy efficient

Not everyone knows how to make their roof energy-efficient. Even fewer know how to do a quality job at it. It’s easy to miss out on some things that would improve the overall energy savings if you’re not informed. Here is what you need to know (and do) to save energy: 1. WHERE DOES THE ENERGY LOSS…

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