Manned Mission to Mars!

Mission to Mars!

SuperFOIL Mars garden

Could SuperFOIL be the answer to a manned mission to Mars?

In a secret location in Switzerland is a high tech space age underground bunker micro garden, surrounded by SuperFOIL Insulation and lit only by bright Red LED lighting. As you step into this unorthodox garden you could easily believe you were on Mars! With glowing red light reflected in every direction by the brilliant silver face of the SuperFOIL “greenhouse”, it resembles something straight out of a blockbuster Science Fiction movie.
Even with no natural sunlight, wonderful, nutritional and fresh green produce can be grown. With a near perfect controlled environment, almost 100% efficient production can be achieved. Produce like this could possibly sustain life on the long journey to Mars or even feed a Mars colony.
Currently only the top restaurants in the world can afford to offer produce grown this way but, because of the flexibility this kind of gardening offers, it may not be long before hidden LED gardens are in the most unusual places, on this or other worlds!


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