10 Reasons Why Multifoil Insulation is the Future of Energy Efficient Homes

In an industry that once favoured materials that were traditionally heavy and bulky, things have changed. As a response to the increasing emphasis on stricter building codes and improved U-value requirements, the construction industry is now turning to one of the most innovative and high-performance solutions to address thermal challenges – Multifoil insulation.

In light of this positive shift towards thinner, lightweight, and sustainable solutions, prioritising insulation from the project’s inception could yield significant advantages, especially when you use quality-assured products like SuperFOIL multifoil insulation. 

Multifoil Insulation, How Does it Work?

While you may be familiar with the general benefits any insulation material can offer, such as thermal efficiency or energy bill savings, foil insulation holds more potential than that. Unlike any other insulation material available today multifoil insulation uses the highly reflective foil properties in combination with the thermally non-conductive waddings to prevent conduction, convection, and radiant heat loss.

With SuperFOIL, you only need one product to protect and insulate; and you have a wide range to choose from. To learn more on how integrating multifoil insulation can benefit you, read more. 

10 Things to Know Before You Purchase SuperFOIL

1. 3-in-1 Design

The most popular feature of SuperFOIL is its 3-in-1 design that integrates insulation, radiant barrier, and a vapour control or breathable layer (varies across multifoil and breathable range) in a single product. While the highly reflective foil acts as a radiant barrier to prevent unnecessary heat gain or loss by reflecting heat, the VCL prevents the risks of moisture penetration, condensation, and mould growth. Finally, the insulated waddings act as a great insulator, preventing heat from passing in/out of the build-up.

Alternately, SuperFOIL’s breather membrane range (SF19BB and SF40BB) is ideal for external applications, offering an additional reflective breather membrane. Therefore, the multilayered product offers additional protection to your build-up by acting as a secondary rain barrier and also by allowing moisture to escape outside. The remaining layers are perforated to keep the whole product breathable, whilst still providing high thermal performance.

2. Save Space

SuperFOIL’s slim, flexible, and high-performing multifoil range maximises performance while saving valuable space in the build-up. No longer do you have to compromise on design choices by adding bulky and heavy insulation materials, protecting your build design, and adding inherent property value in the future with extra space available for development.

3. Save Money

SuperFOIL’s innovative designs mean less product for more functionality, leading to cost savings. By eliminating the need for extra vapour control or breather membrane products, bulky insulation, and unnecessary supporting structures, you reduce overall project costs significantly. The cost savings are also to be made in shipping, installation, completion times, waste reduction and post install clean-up.

4. Save Time

With a range of quality products, SuperFOIL can be installed at least twice as fast as traditional insulation types, using fewer materials. The lightweight, flexible, and easy-to-install nature of SuperFOIL cuts costs and time, ensuring you reap the benefits from day one of project completion.

5. Versatile Application

SuperFOIL’s versatility allows it to be used on its own or in combination with traditional non-reflective insulation materials. This adaptability makes it an easy-to-work-with solution for a wide range of projects, from new builds to renovations, ensuring exceptional thermal efficiency.

6. Building Regulations Compliance

To comply with BR443 in Part ‘L’ of Building Regulations, specific approved thermal test methods are conducted. Thermal performance is confirmed through testing to BS EN ISO 12667, ISO 8301 by BBA (British Board of Agrément), a UKAS-certified body and internationally accredited laboratory. Furthermore, we hold a range of other accreditations to comply with UK, EU, and CE regulations, instilling added confidence and expediting your building application process. Highly respected bodies such as BBA, LABC, DIBT & ZAG contribute to our portfolio of accreditations.

7. Reduced Waste

SuperFOIL’s 3-in-1 design and continuous installation approach minimises waste during installation. Due to the versatile design, any leftover product after major installation works can be used for your additional DIY insulation projects (shed insulation, caravans, greenhouse, etc), reducing overall waste.

8. Health & Safety

Working with SuperFOIL means dealing with an innovative and non-hazardous product. No specialist health and safety provisions are needed to ensure the safety of both installers and occupants at all stages.

9. Save Carbon

SuperFOIL is your green choice, manufactured from up to 40% recycled material. The entire production process is environmentally conscious, minimising carbon emissions through local raw material sourcing, renewable energy maximised production, and advanced product design. Every time a SuperFOIL product is purchased, we make sure you are interacting with a sustainable manufacturer and your property will remain sustainable and energy efficient.

10. Technical Support

SuperFOIL is committed to providing not just superior products but also excellent service. At any stage of your project, the SuperFOIL team is ready to assist with technical queries, product recommendations, installation advice, U-value calculations, and guidance on building regulations.

Choosing SuperFOIL is a thoughtful investment to sustainable, energy-efficient, and functionally superior homes for the future. So why compromise on space or design when you can have it all with multifoil insulation?
To experience the quality of our insulation firsthand, take advantage of our special offer and request your free sample pack today at: https://www.superfoil.co.uk/sample-pack-request-form/


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