SuperFOIL goes greener

With the UK experiencing its highest ever recorded temperature this month, it’s clear that the impacts of climate change are being felt. 

Whether it’s slashing emissions or cutting waste, there’s a lot that companies can do to ‘go green’ to help protect the planet.

Clear climate commitments 

That’s why we’re proud to say that SuperFOIL’s workforce is carbon positive and we’ve cut our waste by as much as 85% and upped our recycled content by backing UK suppliers. 

By switching to domestic businesses for raw supplies, we’re creating less carbon as well as actively supporting UK industry. We’re committing to using more recycled content and our products are now made with 45% recycled material on average. 

In fact, the wadding that is a core component of SuperFOIL insulation is now made with 75% recycled material on average. 

Progress – measured by the metre 

Each square metre of the 80gsm wadding we use in our cutting-edge insulation is made of 60 grams of recycled plastic. That’s the equivalent of recycling six one-litre bottles per square metre of wadding!

On higher-specification products (like our SF19+ & SF19BB bestsellers) this equates to 30 plastic bottles recycled per square metre of insulation! This is because they consist of up to five layers of wadding per square metre – meaning more recycled content to keep your home and/or business energy efficient. 

We’ve also partnered with the carbon offsetting initiative, Ecologi, which spearheads a range of carbon positive schemes across the globe, including planting trees to prevent ecological collapse.

These climate commitments are part of a dedicated drive to increase efficiency, cut waste and reduce our impact on the environment as we work to help households and property developers do the same. 

85% less rubbish sent to landfill

We’ve cut our waste by a huge 85%. Our refuse collections for landfill have been slashed from one 45ft truck visiting once every month to just twice a year. 

Our managing director, William Bown, said: “We’re proud to be rolling out exhaustive production line improvements to slash the amount of waste we send to landfill and shrink our environmental footprint. 

“Much like our range of insulation and how it makes homes and businesses more efficient with their energy usage, we’ve invested in cutting our own waste. We’ve done this by using more UK suppliers, which both cuts our carbon footprint and means that we’re now using 75% recycled material on average in our wadding and 45% on our overall product range. 

“Looking at our overall production and sales so far for 2022, I estimate that we’ll be using the equivalent of 80 million recycled plastic bottles per year! That’s all less waste clogging up our nation’s landfills, and it goes towards making homes and businesses across the country more efficient and driving down heating costs.”

Support UK businesses, help to safeguard the environment and reduce your energy bills today by choosing from our range of industry-leading insulation


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