Busting The Price Myths Of Insulating Your Home

Have you heard that insulating your home is expensive? Many people have, and so they may look for shortcuts or ways to reduce the cost. Or they put it off entirely. However, in the long term, this is often far more costly. Insulation reduces heat loss in your home, decreasing the demand on your heating system and saving you money on your energy bills. Over the years, the savings add up and can far surpass the initial costs.

To help you maximise your savings, we are going to take a look at five insulation price myths. Here are some common misconceptions about insulation that could be costing you significant sums.

Myth: Your Current Insulation Is Fine

You may think installing new insulation is unnecessary, especially if your home already has insulation. However, many older homes have ineffective insulation. If your insulation is old, it may be made of inferior materials compared with newer insulation solutions. Some insulation may have even surpassed its effectiveness due to deterioration. You may be experiencing little to no benefit from your current insulation. In this case, a new installation would not be an unnecessary cost but a heat-saving investment that can bring down your energy bills.

Myth: Insulation Does Not Last Long

If you are under the impression that insulation doesn’t last very long, you might expect it to set you back a lot of money. And you might be right. The costs of regularly replacing your insulation would add up. Fortunately, this shouldn’t be an issue. With high-quality multifoil insulation such as SuperFOIL, you could benefit for upwards of 50 years. The initial costs can earn you decades of savings on your energy bills.

Myth: All Insulation Is Equal

Not all insulation is made the same. The quality of products ranges vastly, which means the energy bill savings can also differ massively. High-grade breathable multifoil insulation will understandably cost more than a low-quality insulation foam. However, the actual savings are made in the energy bills over your insulation’s 50 plus years lifespan.

Myth: Most Heat Escapes Through Windows

Some heat escapes through your windows, but not as much as you might expect. Whilst you should invest in double glazing, replace drafty windows and even close your curtains to prevent heat escaping, you’ll get more benefit from insulation. If you’ve paid extra attention to minimising heat loss through your windows, don’t stop there. It’s a great start, but insulation is also essential. Invest in both.

Insulation Price Myths Summarised

  1. Check your current insulation. If it is not up to the job, it could be costing you more than a new installation.
  2. Insulation lasts longer than you might think. The upfront cost will stretch to decades of savings.
  3. Not all insulation is equal. Cheaper solutions might cost you more in the long run as you save less on your energy bills than with more effective alternatives.

Invest In Insulation For Bigger Long Term Savings

If you’ve been hesitant about insulation for any of the reasons above, we hope this post has helped you see how the real savings come from installing high-quality insulation. Don’t cut corners. High-grade insulation is the key to savings that will continue to add up, potentially for decades.


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