Building Control Approved Insulation – SuperFOIL SF40

Building Control Approved Insulation

Getting the right Building Control Approved Insulation for your project can be a stressful time. SuperFOIL makes Building Control approval easy with LABC registered Details, build-up advice, U-value Calculation service and install guidance. From specification to install completion, SuperFOIL’s technical support is there for you every step of the way.

SuperFOIL SF40 Timber frameRecently we were approached by James from Surrey, who was starting a self-build new construction house for himself and his family. After several conversations by phone and email, SuperFOIL supplied James with an insulation solution for his roof and walls making use of the UK’s most efficient Multi-Layer Foil insulation, SuperFOIL SF40. When it came time for Building Control Approval, the information and u-value calculations provided by SuperFOIL were readily accepted and satisfied the Building Inspector that the SuperFOIL solution not just met Building Regs but exceeded them (and still reduced the build-up thickness).

Now James can get on with building his families dream house with the confidence that he has achieved a thermally efficient house without giving up valuable floor space.

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