3 Signs You Need to Invest in Insulation

3 reasons to invest in insulation

You’ve probably noticed that more and more of your neighbours have started adding insulation to their homes in recent years. Well, there’s no secret to that. They’re not choosing to invest in insulation because of some trend, but because it benefits them in the long run.

After all, when you choose quality insulation, you can save money over time on energy bills, as it helps lower heat loss from your home. If you go one step further and choose our products, you can actually install the insulation all on your own, effectively saving hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds on installation fees.

This is because the insulation we offer is designed to be easy to use. Plus, it doesn’t create any dust, so there are no health issues to be worried about.

Has this piqued your interest? If you think that you would like to invest in insulation, but you don’t think you need it right now, we’ve got you covered. Here are 3 signs that your home might need insulation to be on the look out for in the future:

1. Ice builds up or snow melts in specific areas

The best moment to see if you should invest in insulation or not is during the winter. Why? Because you can see if your home is letting in cold or letting out too much heat.

So, the first thing you need to watch out for is ice that develops on certain specific parts of your home. If you notice anything like that, it means that some parts of your home aren’t insulated well enough, or that your entire house is lacking in insulation, since too much cold gets in.

On the other hand, if you notice that snow accumulates and then quickly melts in a specific area on your roof, it means that you need to invest in insulation as soon as possible. 

This is not an exaggeration. When that happens, it means that your home is losing heat, which is not good. Plus, there is a chance all that snow will freeze over once it melts, and turn into ice dams.

Invest in insulation

2. There are windy drafts inside your home

When all the doors and windows are closed, you definitely wouldn’t expect to feel a windy draft inside your house. Now, if you do notice something like this, you shouldn’t panic. First, see if the seals on your windows are intact.

If they are, then you have to start thinking about insulation. While you might think you can endure some occasional windy drafts, you need to understand these drafts will put your heating into overtime, not only will this increase your heating bill but the harder your system, has to work can potentially shorten its lifespan.

3. When energy bills are too high, it’s time to invest in insulation

We recommend you track your energy bills to see if there is a difference in how many kilowatts your home uses over time. If you notice large differences when you compare the usage to last year, for instance, there is a problem, especially if you haven’t changed your living habits, and if no people have moved in with you.

The solution in this case is to add insulation to your home. Otherwise, your living costs will just keep going up over the years.

Not sure where to install the insulation? No problem! With our products, you can choose any area of your house to cover, and the results will soon become noticeable.

Be sure to also get in touch with us, as you will receive a complimentary insulation sample pack with data sheets and products samples!


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