Will SuperFOIL Radpacks Ruin Your Walls?!

SuperFOIL Radpacks are an incredible product; designed to help you live more sustainably every day!

When properly installed – which you can learn to do in less than a minute – your Radpack can reflect up to 95% of the energy your radiator would ordinarily waste. That’s a huge benefit that can help you spend up to 40% less on your energy bills!

However, we’ve been hearing some concerns about our Radpacks. Specifically, people are concerned that the adhesive pads provided with the pack may actually cause damage to your walls when removed.

After hearing these concerns, we thought we’d take some time to explain why SuperFOIL Radpacks won’t ruin your walls, how we can be so sure about that fact, and even throw in some tips to help you remove stubborn adhesives from your walls without ruining the paint beneath.

Let’s get started…

Your Walls Are Safe!

We’re confident that our Radpacks aren’t going to cause any real problems with your walls for one reason: the adhesive pads included with Radpacks aren’t particularly powerful.

They’re more than enough to secure the product in place, of course, but Radpacks themselves barely weigh a thing. An overly powerful adhesive would have been completely unnecessary, which is why we opted for one better suited to the product.

At the end of the day, the worst that these pads could do to your walls would be to pull away some paint – and even that is unlikely so long as you don’t remove them too roughly. The key with Radpacks is to take care.

It’s entirely possible to remove your Radpacks without damaging the paint beneath so long as you take the time to gently peel the adhesive away; rather than roughly pulling on the Radpack haphazardly.

Remember: haste makes waste. A calm, measured approach is the way to go!

Tips to Deal with Stubborn Adhesives

If you aren’t convinced that our Radpacks are totally safe for the walls in your home – or you just want some extra assurance for your peace of mind – then we thought you might be interested in some tips to deal with stubborn adhesives: so you can have your Radpack and protect your walls too!

Melt the Glue

If you’re worried that you’ll do damage by just peeling the adhesive away, then you might want to consider the many ways to carefully melt or otherwise weaken it. For example, you could…

Use a Hairdryer: Using a hairdryer on a low setting, you can gently warm the adhesive to soften it. Ideally, this would let you peel the adhesive away, without even having to entirely melt it, without endangering the paint on your wall.

Use a Cleaning Product: There are plenty of cleaning products that will be able to help you break-down or melt adhesives without doing damage to your walls. Remember, you’re just looking for something to loosen the sticking power of the adhesive, which means something as simple as rubbing alcohol might be able to do the job. Just be sure to test any product you plan on using on a small, inconspicuous area of the wall before using it on the adhesive.

Don’t Use the Adhesive At All

On the other hand, if you want to avoid the issue of adhesives altogether, then you could simply install your radpack without using the included adhesive pads to stick it firmly to the back wall.

We don’t necessarily recommend doing this, as your Radpack is at its most effective when securely stuck to the wall. However, even flawed protection is better than none – so this may be something you’d like to keep in mind.

Make Them Move…

If you want to use the adhesive pads, just not on your walls, then you could always try using them to stick your Radpack onto something that isn’t your wall.

Do you have a thin board that will slot in behind your radiator? Sticking your Radpack onto that could be a good compromise; allowing you to keep the adhesive pads away from your wall while still ensuring that you are able to securely fix the Radpack itself and ensure better performance.

Just remember that you do still need an air gap between the Radpack and your radiator if you want it to work properly.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that you don’t need to do any of these things. Radpack adhesives don’t pose a significant threat to your walls, by any measure. So don’t worry if you just want to stick your Radpacks to your walls directly; that’s perfectly fine!

Interested in Radpacks?

Finally, if you’re interested in learning more about our Radpacks and how they can save up to 95% of the energy normally wasted by your radiators – helping you to cut your energy bills by up to 40% – then we’d recommend taking a look at this blog post on the subject.

Alternatively, if you’d rather discuss the benefits the Radpacks can provide – or anything else about our products – with an expert, then you can easily get in touch with our team at 01636 639900 or by email at [email protected]. The team is always ready to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have!

And, if you’d rather skip all the extras and just get a Radpack right now, then who are we to argue? You can get your own SuperFOIL Radpack right here


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